Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007

Miles Decision Was Bottom Line Driven

Do not mistake what happened this weekend with Les Miles. He can spin it anyway he wants, but the bottom line is that it was all about the Benjamin's.

Miles sounds great talking about his love for LSU and the people and life down in Baton Rouge, but I am not buying any of it for one second. While the Tigers backed in to the BCS title game versus Ohio State, when he looks across the sidelines, he sees the team he was born to loathe.

Miles and will always be a "Michigan Man." The problem is he would have had to take an almost $2 million dollar pay cut to go coach "Michigan Men." Plus he would have been stuck with Lloyd Carr's assistants for a few years and have Carr watching over him as an assistant athletic director.

Why would you want that when you can coach in the SEC, lose two games a year and still have your team be better than anyone in the Big Ten? Sure it would be great to have a cupcake schedule like Ohio State had - but in the end, Miles made the right call. His career and legacy in coaching will be a heck of a lot better at LSU than it would have been in Ann Arbor.

By the way, don't be surprised if Jon Tenuta from Georgia Tech ends up as LSU's next defensive coordinator now that Bo Pellini is in Nebraska.

Hey Lloyd, enjoy retirement, but before you go ... how about one more game this year versus the spread offense in the Florida Gators. Rut roh Astro!

Back to the BCS for a minute, if there are any Georgia fans complaining today, SHUT UP! All you had to do was beat Tennessee and you would have had a one game shot at LSU with the winner take all for the title game bid. Sad to hear coaches wining about the system. If you don't like it coaches, aren't you the ones with more power than us at home??? Fix the damn thing would you so that we don't get stuck watching Kansas - Va. Tech and Georgia - Hawaii.

And in case you were wondering, this may have been the craziest season in college football ever, but there's no way I would bet on Ohio State to cover, nevermind win the BCS title game.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Horrific Bowl Championship Choices

This is just absurd. How can you look anyone in the eye with a straight face and tell me that Ohio State belongs in the BCS title game? Strength of schedule mean anything? Do we remember last year? Forget the fact that Ohio State is 0-8 versus the SEC in bowl games, who did they beat to deserve this? I think the two loss Oklahoma is a better team.

But go beyond it - look at the other match ups. Who in the hell wants to watch Kansas-Virginia Tech? Seriously are you staying up late to watch Georgia-Hawaii? How does Missouri get shutout of a BCS game, but Kansas gets in?

The BCS is BS and everyone knows it - no one wants to do anything about it. It is sad, but it won't change because the bowl system is better protected than Michael Corleone.

Did anyone notice that the Giants beat the Bears with two solid drives to end the game? Hey Bear fans... how did you blow that game? Just classic.