Friday, September 28, 2007

Memorable Friday

Howdy all - I am writing to y'all from a charter flight home from Mobile, Alabama.

My in-laws and I were fortunate enough to go to Mayer "Bubba" Mitchell's funeral and memorial service.

Most if not all of you will ask, who is Bubba Mitchell and why were we there?

First off, he was the father of Melinda and Steve Wertheim, who are very close family friends.

But he will be remembered by many of us as a mentor in the AIPAC and political arena. He was a very soft spoken, but serious man. He was very generous with me and introduced me to many politicians.

Do a google search on him and you will find out that he, his wife and brother donated 36 million to University of South Alabama, as well as his AIPAC work, but I want you to read his obituary on

His accomplishments are too many to list and too wonderful to compliment in a short blogpost.

But the one thing I wanted to share is that 38 years ago, at 36 years old he had stage 4 Hodgkins cancer. His doctors told him he had six months and to get his affairs in order. They told him of a doctor in Rochester that might be able to help him. So he went.

On his way there, he told his wife, Arlene, if he gets through this, they will help folks who couldn't afford to go to Rochester for cancer treatment. So they started the Mitchell Cancer Center in Mobile.

He lived life to its fullest, but he talked the talk and he walked the walk. He was an American hero and he is an inspiration to me for the work I do for AIPAC and Israel.

So for those of you I email and bother for money for this and time for that, I won't stop and I won't apologize. I will continue to do so, for now I do it for not only myself and my family - I carry the torch of one of the greats that came before me.

I ask y'all to do the same - no matter what the cause, get to it. Because from now on, Bubba is watching from above in a front row seat.

Have a great weekend. Shabbot Shalom.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Preseason Ugly and Stupid

Check out this hit from last night's preseason game between Ottawa and Philadelphia.

Steve Downie better pay a nice price for this one. No need for it.

When will it end?

OK, so last night ESPN ran an absurd Town Hall meeting about Michael Vick. It was held in Atlanta and they had a panel of writers and radio folks and it was great. Most of the audience were Vick supporters and they played the race card well.

Problem is I don't care. Vick is a clown. They are all worried about whether or not he will play again in the league. People should worry more about him surviving prison first. Once he pays his debt to society (or animals in this case), let him play. Who cares?

So when the report came out today that Vick tested positive for marijuana, was anyone shocked? Was race a reason in his marijuana use as well?

The guy just doesn't get it, period. He could be white, black, green or yellow - he just isn't very smart.

Then again, now that he found religion, maybe the man upstairs told him to smoke.

I just don't care... go away, please Michael.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mike Gundy Lectures the Oklahoma Media

From Dick Weiss of the N.Y. Daily News:

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy didn't have time to talk about his team's 49-45 victory over Texas Tech on Saturday in Stillwater. Instead, he chose to use his postgame interview session with the media to go ballistic on Jenni Carlson, a columnist for the Daily Oklahoman.

Carlson wrote a piece critical of junior quarterback Bobby Reid, who had been replaced by sophomore Zac Robinson prior to the game, suggesting among other things the coaches had sacked Reid, the most talented quarterback on the team, because of his attitude. Carlson claimed Reid had not always handled his nerves well and was "nicked in some games and sat it out instead of gutting it out."

She also painted a disturbing picture of Reid as a coddled player, standing near the team charter buses, using his cell phone while being fed chicken by his mother out of a boxed meal.

Carlson obviously tweaked a nerve that sent Gundy over the edge after Reid's mother came to his office to complain.

He characterized Reid as "a good kid" who goes to class and is respectful of the media and was the victim of yellow journalism.

"Three-fourths of this is inaccurate," Gundy claimed, holding up a copy of the column. "It's fiction. And this article embarrasses me to be involved with athletics."

Then he started raising his voice, pointed his finger in Carlson's direction and appeared to be moving toward her in a threatening manner. Video of the entire meltdown is already available all over the Internet.

"That article had to have been written by a person that doesn't have a child," Gundy wailed. "And has never had a child that had his heart broken and come home upset and had to deal with a child when he is upset. ... He's not a professional athlete and he doesn't deserve to be kicked when he's down.

"If you have a child someday, you'll understand how it feels but you obviously don't have a child. I do. If your child goes down the street and somebody makes fun of him because he drops a pass in pickup game or says he's fat and he comes home crying to his mom, you'll understand."

Great, coach. Scream a little louder in what certainly looked like an effort to intimidate Carlson because she dared to fairly criticize a 21-year-old scholarship player. Under a little stress, are we? Not everyone in Stillwater is buying into this uncalled-for diatribe after the Cowboys' ugly loss to Troy the previous week, where Gundy looked so disinterested on ESPN. As for accusations that Carlson claimed Reid was scared, we don't remember reading that in her column.

Gundy, who claims he doesn't read Carlson's newspaper "because it's garbage" and went on to say "the editor who let it come out is garbage," left without taking questions, and was applauded by what must have been cronies as he stormed out of the room. The Oklahoman stands by its columnist and its story. We wonder if Gundy would have made those outrageous comments if a male columnist had written that. For most rational coaches, these things are best handled in one-on-ones behind closed doors instead of on a bully pulpit.

This story has become a national emebarrassment for the program, the university and the Big 12. Gundy owes Carlson an apology for his outrageous behavior. And Oklahoma State needs to review whether this is someone it wants representing its school.

Confessing My Sins

Well, after another Yom Kippur and another fast, I should have been done confessing my sins.
Problem is that I have one more that I must share.

I can't root for the Giants to go 0-16. I tried, I really did. But I want them to go 5-11.

Why do you ask do I say 5-11? Where can a knucklehead like me come up with a number like that?

Easy - I want to beat the Redskins, Cowboys and Eagles every time we play them. Can't help it - I really dislike these teams. It wasn't clear until I was watching yesterday. I was laughing and having fun, but I will tell you that I couldn't stop myself from yelling and cheering in the second half.

So, with that said, I hope our coach loses his job with a 5-11 season. He should ... but I know better.

Did anyone see the Eagles uniforms yesterday? Could have been the ugliest things I have ever seen. They were right up there with the Vancouver Canucks old black and yellow V's. But they score 56 points in them, so they might want to try 'em again.

Hey Lovie Smith, I love your loyalty, but it's time for Brian Griese over Rex Grossman. Heck, if Bob Griese can still play it would be time for him as well over Rex.

Great weekend watching Abbie play soccer in her first game on Sunday with her team the Racers. It was just funny watching the girls all in one pack chasing the ball. The team and Abbie did awesome.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Newest Georgia Dancing Queen

More like an otter ... but this video is from the Georgia Aquarium and it's pretty funny.

If you haven't been to the Aquarium, you must go and take the kids.


Classic Lloyd Carr Protest

An outstanding Michigan fan, if there is such a thing, in one of the great moments in sports history. Check out the sound of the kids in the backround. Just awesome stuff.

Vick Town Hall is an absolute joke

ESPN is having a Michael Vick Town Hall session from Atlanta on Sept. 25th. On their page, ESPN says the Town Hall, "will focus on how Vick's situation has divided Atlanta -- in some cases along racial lines -- whether he was treated fairly, if his apology was sincere, and his chances of returning to the NFL."

Are they kidding? Now ESPN wants to play out the "race" card on this?

I am sick of hearing about how this is a black/white issue. Was it that when Vick lied to Roger Goodell about all of it? Was it that when Vick was giving the finger to his hometown fans? Was it that when Vick played football?

STOP - please just stop. The issue is that he pissed of the wrong people in the PETA world with all of this. He is their dream poster child and they will love him forever for this. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to suffer with this crap of race.

Living in the South, I totally understand that their are still issues with race and it makes me ill.
This is not one of those times and this isn't one of those issues.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Merry New Year!

Taste of Wexner

With Kol Nidre near by - here's some food for thought from Rabbi Avi Weiss.

SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2007 / 10 TISHREI 5768
By Rabbi Avi Weiss

The central theme of Yom Kippur is teshuvah, commonly translated as “repentance.” We hear so much about this term, but what, in fact does it truly mean?

On the simplest behavioral level, writes Maimonides, teshuvah involves “returning” to a situation in which one had previously failed, and not making the same mistake a second time. (Laws of Repentance 2:1) It means being given a second chance. In contrast to what many may think, Yom Kippur has many elements of joy. We celebrate being given a second chance. In too many of life’s pursuits, we are given only one shot. If we miss, it’s all over. On Yom Kippur, God says, “no matter if you have failed before; you can still return.”

A chassid once asked his rebbe, “why pray on Yom Kippur, after all, we’ll inevitably sin again.” In response, the rebbe asked him to look out the window behind him. Outside was a toddler learning to walk. “What do you see?” asked the master. “A child, standing and falling,” replied the disciple. Day after day the chassid returned to witness the same scene. At the week’s end, the child stood and didn’t fall. The child’s eyes expressed the achievement of having attained the impossible. “So with us,” said the rebbe, “We may fail again and again, but in the end, a loving God gives us the opportunities we need to succeed.”

The mystics understand teshuvah differently. For them, teshuvah, in its truest essence means “returning,” to being righteous. But this begs the obvious question: Suppose one has never been righteous, what does one return to? Says the Sefat Emet, the soul of every person is fundamentally righteous. There may be a layer of evil obscuring the inner being, but all people created in the image of God are inherently good. Teshuvah then, means to return to the inner kernel of goodness we all possess. And so, we sing, and dance on Yom Kippur. We celebrate the opportunity to discover our true selves.

Another classic story. Reb Zusha was on his death bed, and tears were streaming down his face. “Why are you crying?” asked his disciples. “If God asks me why I wasn’t like Moses or Maimonides,” answered Reb Zusha, “I’ll say, I wasn’t blessed with that kind of leadership ability and wisdom.” But I’m afraid of another question,” continued Reb Zusha, “what if God asks, ‘Reb Zusha, why weren’t you like Reb Zusha? Why didn’t you find your inner being and realize your inner potential? Why didn’t you find yourself?’ That is why I am crying.”

A third approach. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, among many other thinkers, understands teshuvah to mean “answer.” In this way, teshuvah is a dialogue. On Yom Kippur we stand before a caring God who asks the question(s). We have to search into ourselves and offer the answer(s). A God of love seeks us out. As much as we are in search of God, God is in search of us. A comforting thought on Yom Kippur.

Yet another chassidic legend. A young girl came to the Ba’al Shem Tov – the father of chassidism – crying. “Why do you cry?” the rebbe lovingly asked. “I was playing hide and seek,” said the young girl, “but no one came looking for me.” “So, too, is it with God,” reflected the Ba’al Shem Tov. “He, too, is crying. For as much as He is looking for us, we rarely look for Him.”

It was left for Rav Avraham Yitzchak ha-Cohen Kook, the first Chief Rabbi of Israel to offer an understanding related to the establishment of the modern State of Israel. Teshuvah, according to Rav Kook, ought to be understood eschatologically. It quite literally means “go home,” to our homeland. It is not only an individual quest, but a communal mandate to establish a land that is different from all others. A land that is a light to the nations of the world: a land that marks the dawn of redemption, a land at peace.

On this Yom Kippur – may we repent, return, dialogue, and be blessed as individuals and as a nation.

Panic Sets in with Falcons

It took long for the Joey Harrington experience to go awry, huh?


But to throw $3 million for two years to Byron Leftwich isn't going to solve the problem in my mind.

Jeff Schultz of the AJC thinks it's a good move, just made a little late by the Falcons. ESPN's Jeffri Chadiha says that the move was a necessity for the Falcons.

Bright Lights, Big City

Live from New York, it's Wednesday morning ...

Flew in from the coast last night and the flight was empty. Except for first class of course. I get to the airport and try to get an upgrade and there are two seats left and guess what number I am on the list??


Shocker, I know.

That being said, sat in the bulkhead upfront and had plenty of space. Got to talk to two of the flight attendants and did I learn something interesting. Many people commute to get to work, but not many people commute to NY from Hawaii and Germany. Think about that would you. These two folks commute 8 plus hours each way just to go to work. The female flight attendant, Rebecca, lives in Germany where her husband is stationed in the Army. He's actually in Iraq right now. They have twin one year old boys and she brings the boys with her to either her parents in Salt Lake City or his parents in Ohio and then goes to work.

How insane is that? So, when you think your commute sucks, think about Rebecca.

OK - get to the hotel and I am tired, so I ordered room service. Just ordered a basic hamburger and fries with two diet cokes. Figured the Omni Berkshire couldn't screw it up and they didn't it was great. Here's where it gets funny. The cost of this meal?


Are you kidding me? Call the police - I was raped. Then again, when you are paying $600 per night at a hotel, what do you expect.

It's the "Big City."

As far as I am concerned, to quote Little Feat, "you can drop me off on Peachtree, love to feel that morning sun," any and every day.

I think this officially makes me a Redneck, no?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Luxury and Fun in San Francisco

Good morning from Fisherman's Wharf. Looks like a beautiful day outside.

Some of you out there travel for business and know how much fun it isn't. So please indulge me while I share with the crowd who thinks it is soooooo cool to travel.

If you read my post yesterday about Delta and the flight out, let me add to it.

A man of Indian or Pakistan culture is going to sit next to me. The plane is packed and he stinks. He can't find a place for luggage and is going back and forth as the plane is about to leave the gate. He finally sits down and I think we are good, but he gets up and walks away and says he will be back.

OK, no issues ... But he doesn't come back. And the plane is jammed. Where could this guy go? My mind is now racing - not so much for racial profiling as much as how strange he was acting.

So I tell the flight attendant and she looks at me strangely. The man behind me chimed in and he agreed with me that he acted strange. Checked and couldn't find him. So the guy behind me gets up and looks and finds him sleeping in the only open aisle seat on the plane. Whew.

I was a little freaked out by it. Never had that happen to me before and I didn't like having to be that way, but I will be damned if I don't look twice to everyone on the plane. That's just me.

We had meetings until 9 pm ET and then go to dinner. By the time I check into the hotel it is midnight PT. Get to the Marriott Fisherman's Wharf and it's OK - not great. Crash - get up at 6 am PDT. Go to take a shower and the shower head is at the height of my midsection at its highest point.

Not that it's a pretty picture, but you had to see me try and wash my hair. I was not happy and the room is $341 per night with tax. What a freakin' joke. For that price Marriott, you may want to update the hotel - looks like 1985 all over again.

Off to meetings and then back to the airport.

Anyway swap seats with me today???

Monday, September 17, 2007

Classic Delta

Well - it didn't take long for Delta to give me another reason to laugh at them.

Being Silver Medallion and flying over 32,000 on them this year - I get the honor of having a chance to upgrade. We are on a 767-300 with 24 first class seats. There were 3 available seats for upgrade. Guess what number on the list I was? Take a shot?


Are you done laughing yet, because I am not done.

I wasn't last on the list. It went to 93!

93 names on a list for 3 seats. Now as funny as that is, it was funnier that on the monitors it said "the upgrade list is closed."

Why? What's another 10 folks - c'mon!

Now sitting in 40B next to a guy who stinks horribly!!!

Only 5 plus hours to go.... Ugh!!!!!!

Finally Roaring in Motown

Good morning, live from the Crown Room at Hartsfield.

Off to San Francisco, but I had to bring to your attention something I know I can't believe. The Detroit Lions are 2-0.

Huh? Did I just type that? Is it real?

For my pal Jeff Zillgitt and tons of Lions fans, it's real and it's spectacular. They have been a bad team for a long time.

Yes, they had a couple of decent years with Barry Sanders, but they should have been better. Heck they should have had great years with Sanders, but they are the Lions.

It could be a fun year if they can play with Chicago. If they can beat the Bears, maybe the Lions are the surprise team this year.

Who would have ever thunk it?

Now for the happy news of the day. The New York Football Giants are 0-2!!!! Defense is awful. Pam Oliver gave a great report yesterday from the sidelines saying that she was shocked that no one on the Giants defense was angry or emotional or anything. If this isn't the tell tale sign that a coach has lost a team, what is?

Only 14 more games until we get a new coach.... c'mon boys, stay healthy and struggle!!!

OK - off to see my pals at Delta.... should be fun from 40B.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tide rolling thanks to Saban

Say what you want about Nick Saban - it's all been said before. Every time he leaves some place, he leave is better than before. Well, at least on the college level. Ask any Dolphins fan and they still think he isn't going to be Alabama's coach. Isn't that what he told us himself?

Like him or hate him, it doesn't matter. The guy is a winner. Did you see the highlights from the Arkansas game? The Saban era in Tuscaloosa is now underway after a last second touchdown last night for the 41-38 win over 16th ranked Arkansas. Just insane.

I said that Alabama will win a BCS title in five years. Insane? Yep, but I have seen this movie before and I know the ending.

Notre Dame is 0-3 and Michigan State is 3-0. This is way too good to be true for Spartans fans. I have a feeling that MSU can be 4-0 and beat the Irish again.

And let's give a shout out to Ted Roof and Duke's football team ending the longest losing streak in Division I-A. They did it on the road at Northwestern, who beat Northeastern in their first game of the year.

It always comes full circle with me, doesn't it?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Just when you thought you were crazy, a new contestant to the sicko society shows his/her ugly head.....

Seriously ... when you are defending Britney Spears, haven't you pretty much lost all credibility?

From Bad to Good

Morning – I am taking a moment of your time to step-up on my soapbox. I try not to do it often, but please indulge me.

Today is the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11. It is a day that means many things to many people, but it’s one of the more personal and toughest days of the year for me.

I lost four people I knew that day – one really good friend in Mark Bavis. Mark was a scout for the Los Angeles Kings hockey club and was on his way to training camp on United 175 with another scout (and friend) Ace Bailey. A foundation was started in Mark’s name – not asking for donations – just read and learn more about him as he meant a lot to me and many other folks.

The one thing I will ask from all of you is that you take a look at doing something good. Check out and sign up to do something good. Pass it along to friends and family.

I promise not to follow up to make sure you are doing whatever you put down, but doing something good every year on this date will go a long way in changing the way we look at Sept. 11.

Giant issues for Big Blue

Most year's, I would be upset ... this year it's just ironic and sort of funny.

Three of the best Giants players injured. The team is downplaying all of it, but we know better.

Check out the story in the Daily News.

One loss down and 15 to go until Tom MUST GO!!!! C'mon boys, you can do this. Especially if you have Jared Lorenzen as your offensive leader.....

Hey Jets fans - so let me get this right ... if NOT for the guy taking pictures and spying on you, you would have beaten the Patriots?

I know if the allegations are true, they are serious and just flat out wrong ... but BE SERIOUS!!!

There was no way, no how the Jets were winning that game. Best was the fans heckling Tom Brady after the game while he was being interviewed on television and Brady saying, "This is why I love New York. I just lit them up and they are chanting Brady sucks."

Taste of Wexner

Many of you know that Elizabeth and I took the Wexner Heritage program for the last two years. It was an incredible experience with wonderful people and great teachers.

I wanted to share a taste of Wexner through the words of one of our best teachers, Rabbi Avi Weiss. We get emails from him every week with some wisdom that only he can provide.

For those of my faith, wishing you the sweetest and healthiest of years. May you be inscribed in the book of life. For the rest of you, enjoy the piece and email with questions ... I love you too! :-)

SEPTEMBER 13-15, 2007/ 1-3 TISHREI 5768
By Rabbi Avi Weiss

Autumn Approaches. Before we even realize, the weather begins to turn, the colors deepen. We prepare for a new season. Our activities include adding layers of covering to provide protection against the cold weather soon to follow. Or so we think…For every Jew throughout the world, autumn’s announcement—“Take cover!”—is preceded and overshadowed by a piercing call that brings a different, contradictory message: “Shed your ‘cover’.”

That vibrant call, made every year at Rosh Hashanah—the Jewish New Year—is issued from the shofar, a ram’s horn. When blown on Rosh Hashanah, it reminds us that prior to the conquest of Jericho, Joshua blasted the shofar and “the walls came tumbling down.” At Rosh Hashanah, the season of introspection, we are taught that true self-analysis involves the breaking down of walls. We all wear masks, all kinds of disguises; penetrate those walls, the shofar says, remove the masks and allow the true persona to emerge.

A tale is told of a desperately sad man who sought counseling. After speaking with him, the doctor suggested that he begin intensive therapy the following week. To carry him over, the counselor offered the man a free ticket to see the famous comedian, Cornelius, who was in town that night. “He’s hilarious,” the doctor said. “He’ll make you’ll feel better.” With that, the man’s face skewed in pain and he burst into tears. While his patient continued his bitter weeping, the doctor probed. “Why are you crying so? I’ve mapped out a plan to give you relief. Go see Cornelius, he’ll help you.” To this, the desperate man replied amid sobs, “But you don’t understand. I am Cornelius.” Billy Joel said it well: “Honesty is such a lonely word; everyone is so untrue.” The shofar’s first call is for real honesty.

Truthfulness can sometimes be bitter. Looking into yourself can be painful, especially if you think you have little to offer. Here again, the shofar teaches a lesson: Words do not emanate from the ram’s horn, but rather a cry, a call whose sounds emerge from the breath of the inner soul, of the person blowing the shofar.

Mystics maintain that externally, some human beings may be evil, but if you look deeply into the inner being of any person, his or her “inner breath” you will find goodness. The shofar pleads: Return to that inner core, retrieve the power of goodness which we so often overlook, but which is inherent in every person.

Yet another legend: A short apple tree grew beside a tall cedar. Every night, the apple tree would look up and sigh, believing that the stars in the sky were hanging from the branches of its tall friend. The little apple tree would lift its branches heavenward and plead: “But, where are my stars?” As time passed, the apple tree grew. Its branches produced leaves, passersby enjoyed its shade and its apples were delectable. But at night, when it looked to the skies, it still felt discontented, inadequate: Other trees had stars, but it did not. It happened once that a strong wind blew, hurling apples to the ground. They fell in such a way that they split horizontally, instead of vertically. In the very center of each apple was the outline of a star. The apple tree had possessed stars all along. The inner core was always good, and so it remains.

As with apples, all the more with human beings who must be good. After all, “God does not make junk”. The stars we possess are the seeds of potential goodness; we have the power to rise, but also to fall. What we do with the inner goodness depends on the individual, on each one of us. We can fly higher than the clouds, or we can sink deeper than the fish. Such is the challenge of being human; majesty and failure are but a hair’s breadth apart.

A final tale about an artist who found and made a sculpture of the most beautiful person anyone had ever seen. Years later, the artist decided that it would be interesting to sculpt the ugliest human being as a counterpart to his earlier work. One night, he found the perfect subject, sprawled at his very door...a dirty, hideous and drunken creature. The artist gently lifted this lost soul and carried him into his studio. He worked feverishly through the night to finish his sculpture. The next morning, in gratitude, he rose early to tend to his guest. The artist showered, shaved and dressed the man, only to discover that this pitiful figure was the very same person he had sculpted as the most beautiful person so long ago.

The sounds of the shofar—short and long, wailing and rejoicing: They offer us the choice for success or failure. Which shall it be? The shofar teaches…it’s up to us.

A Bite out of the Apple

For those of you with iPhones - here's an open letter from Steve Jobs ... classic. Told ya to wait ...

Sunday, September 09, 2007

King of the court and more

Roger Federer won his fourth straight U.S. Open final in straight sets. He is the first person to do this in 80 years.

He also has a streak of making 10 straight Grand Slam finals. Think about that? He hasn't missed a final in Slam in 2 1/2 years. That is just insane. He has now won 12 Grand Slams - only Pete Sampras sits ahead of him at 14.

Mike Lupica said this morning on ESPN's Sports Reporters that Federer is the greatest tennis player of all-time. Hard to argue the point.

News and notes from the weekend of sports.

Michigan and Notre Dame meet next week with both teams 0-2. Both teams look awful this week. Just a total shame isn't it that one of them is going to be 0-3. Wow.

Tiger Woods won again ... shocker. Have a feeling he is going to open a can of whoop ass on Phil Mickelson this week. Should be a fun weekend in Atlanta.

Great opening Sunday in the NFL with some upsets and a few last second wins. Shame of it is that I have to end the day watching the Giants at Dallas. Hard pressed to think that it will be close - so therefore Marion Barber better get three touchdowns for my fantasy team.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Only at Northeastern......

Pot Announcement Out Window Draws Bust

BOSTON — A pair of former Northeastern University freshmen are facing charges after prosecutors said one leaned out his dorm window Sunday and loudly told a woman in the dorm opposite his that he and his roommate were selling pot.

Oops. Two police officers happened to be nearby.

"If you're looking for weed, my roommate Ferrante has some for sale," Michael Emery said out the window, according to the Suffolk district attorney's office.

Two plainclothes Boston officers in the building overheard the conversation and went to a second-floor room where they arrested Emery, 18, and Matthew Ferrante, 18, after finding about four ounces of marijuana; drug paraphernalia, including a scale; and several bottles of alcohol, prosecutors said.

The students were arraigned Tuesday on charges including possession of a class D substance with intent to distribute in a school zone, a count that carries a maximum of two years in jail.
They pleaded not guilty, were released on personal recognizance and are due back in court next month. Attorneys for the men did not immediately return calls for comment.

They are no longer students at Northeastern, university spokeswoman Laura Shea said.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy Birthday!

The fabulous Freddy Mercury of Queen would have been 61 today. One of the great showmen of music has been gone for 16 years. Insane how quickly time goes by.

Also born on September 5th were Raquel Welch (1940) and Bob Newhart (1929).

Not a bad day to be born if you wanted to be an entertainer.

Tough week

This was a tough weekend for me. Two people I knew passed away.

One was Eric Dinerman. He was a friend from Atlanta. His daughter Sophie and my daughter Abbie are friends. Eric passed away at the age of 38 and I will miss him. Nowhere near as much as Sophie will.

His mother spoke beautifully at the funeral and the rabbi addressed Sophie in an incredible manner. I was blown away by all of it.

On Sunday, Max McNab passed away at the age of 83. The hockey world lost a very good man, but we lost a good friend.

Most of you met Max through my posting of spending time with the Stanley Cup with his son David.

It was great to see he and June six weeks ago as David celebrated with Lord Stanley. Max had won the Cup with the Detroit Red Wings in 1950. I know that David was elated to celebrate with his family and especially his parents, but I know it meant a ton to him that he got to have his name on the Cup, just like his dad did.

David, I know he's smiling today knowing that he got to see you climb the mountain. Below are images from the day I know that I will never, ever forget.

The one irony in the two passings - 38 - 83 ... I am not into numerology ... but it is weird, no?

Farewell boys - see you on the other side.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What else will it take???

As if I needed another reason to totally despise Tom Coughlin?

Michael Strahan missed training camp because of how much of an ass Coughlin is. Now, Tiki Barber is putting out a new book that states he could still be in uniform if Coughlin wasn't coaching the Giants.

Tiki or Coughlin? Who would you take???? DUH!!!!!

By the way - did anyone see how Phil hung on to beat Tiger? Man if Tiger makes a putt on the back 9 at all, he wins.

Roger Federer had a scare in the first set last night, but man he just turned it on and cruised to a collision with Andy Roddick. He should handle Roddick without issues.

FYI - Jeremy Roenick signed with the San Jose Sharks to get his 500th goal. Problem is that his selfishness is the last thing the Sharks need. Ah well, one less team in the west to worry about winning the cup.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Spectacular Saturday in sports

For those of us who have attended I-AA football schools, a huge thanks to Appalachian State.

Those snobby I-A folks have laughed at us for a long, long time. They ask us why we even play at that level and all kinds of wacky questions. But I guarantee you those I-A folks from Ann Arbor will NEVER say those things again. Did you see those kids celebrating? Did you hear the radio call from the announcers? It was just incredible. Those kids earned that win. As Jeff Kamean would say, stealing my line, "Good for them!"

The two-time defending I-AA champions went into the Big House and pulled off the shocker of all shockers. Want to see the aftermath? Go to Ann Arbor Live and read on. By the way, Northeastern lost 27-0 to Northwestern. Thanks to the Big Ten Network, I got to see both of these games. Already a big fan of the network - great job guys.

Many other great college football scenes yesterday with Virginia Tech playing their first game since the tragic shootings on campus. Georgia Tech going into Notre Dame and not allowing them a touchdown. Georgia beat a good Oklahoma State team at home. Cal beat Tennessee in a great showing of offensive teams. Auburn stole a win from Kansas State in the last minutes of the game. Maybe if the Kansas State coaching staff had given the left tackle a little help in the last four minutes of the game, they might have won.

Of course on the first college football Saturday, the biggest story still may be a baseball story. In only his second start ever, Clay Buchholz threw a no-hitter. Roger Clemens and Greg Maddux have never done it and this kid in his second chance ever did it in Fenway Park. The night before we almost had a perfect game in Minnesota, but Scott Baker lost it and the no-no in the 9th inning.

Tiger and Phil are going at it in Boston in the PGA Tour playoffs. And pro football is a week away.

It's the most wonderful time ... of the year!