Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Morning – hope all’s well in your world.

In two weeks, we have the opportunity to go to the polls and elect our officials. While most Americans start to be cynical about even wasting their time going to elect a bunch of so-called crooks and people out of touch with their communities, I stay optimistic.

Look at what’s going on all over the world. People would kill to have the opportunity to choose their own leaders without someone holding a gun to their heads. And here, most people can care less.

This election is going to be one of the tightest in recent history. Odds are that the House will flip to the Democrats and that the Republicans will hang onto a slight edge in the Senate. But what does that mean for us? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Honestly, I don’t know. All I know is that everyone should wake up and get off the couch and go be a part of the process. Some people say that it is your right to vote as an American. I look at this as a privilege. People are dying for this opportunity that we have and yet, millions of Americans are apathetic and just lazy.

Here’s a crazy idea for you to ponder; if someone of voting age hasn’t voted in the last five years I think they should go serve with our military in Iraq for a while. Maybe after seeing what they are going through, they can turn the television off and put down their drinks and go vote.

There are a few races I will be watching involving people I have become friendly with. The first is Senator Jim Talent from Missouri. He’s a Republican that the Democrats are going after because he is a state where races are always close and they label him as a person that always votes with the President, which is not true. He votes for Missouri and his conscience. He is a very good man and someone we want in the Senate fighting for us.

In Georgia, Congressman John Barrow is a Democrat being targeted by the Republicans. He is running against the man he beat two years ago, Max Burns. Barrow is a very good man and is leading slightly.

Why do I pick these two races to share with you besides the fact I know and respect both men? They are being targeted by the opposition party and tons of money is being dumped into races for the chance to gain a seat. There are millions and millions of dollars being wasted by both sides that could be put to use for a ton of things to help people and our country, but hey, no big deal.

I write checks to politicians and I do my part to help, but it drive me nuts to see how much money is spent on elections. While it’s great to have a wonderful democracy and the opportunity to get involved in the process, there are still many issues with the process that we need to fix.

I don’t have the answers, just questions. But I promise you this, if you don’t vote, in my mind, you don’t get the opportunity to ask these questions or complain about ANYTHING. In my mind, you are wasting your opportunity that people are dying for and need to go be reminded of the people who came before us and gave us these opportunities.

It’s a privilege to vote and be part of this great country of ours. I don’t care what side you are on – pick a side and vote. Me, I vote for people, not party. Will never vote party again – the party’s are the reason we have such a mess to begin with.

Speaking of messes, Bill Parcells just created one in Dallas with his quarterbacks. Giants are on a roll – anyone wanna get on board the bandwagon??? Space available…


Mr. Cooney said...

Jon, as you know, for the most part politics in this country for me has become total crap. Everybody feels they have to follow party lines, no one can admits their mistakes and says I'll try to do better and now all of these political races as the Dems try to regain control of Congress have become laced with venom.
By the way, what do you think of Loretta Nall's Libertarian run for governor in Alabama?
Her campaign is partly being run on her cleavage and apparently her love for marijuana and home schooling.
But that's another story for another day. Back to my rant.
Have we lost all sense of decency in our criticisms of each other?
I don't really have any problems with conservatives. As a matter of fact, some of my favorite political beliefs are based in conservative thought.
I'm what would be called a moderate but when we have Anne Coulter ripping the 911 Widows and when Rush Limbaugh says Michael J. Fox is faking his Parkinson's to make a point, haven't we gone some place that most decent, understanding people dare not venture?
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of this crap.
I would use a stronger word here but knowing you are the father of two wonderful daughters, I will hold my profanity.
The point here is that no one seems to think before they speak.
They get a platform and get so excited to speak out(kinda like the family dog who pees on the floor because he's so excited to see his master come home)that their brains and their decency take a permanent vacation.
I could sit here a call Limbaugh a fat pig with jowls similar to that the University of Georgia's lovable bulldog mascot UGA, I could call Rush a pill-popping ignorant ex-con redneck idiot but what good would that do?
And I'm not speaking here in a 'can't we all just get along?' diatribe, I just want people, especially our dunder head politicians and political analysts to actually think before they speak.
And after that, they can visit The Wizard for a shot of decency.
Most of them obviously already missed the bus for some courage, a brain and a heart.
Is it too much to ask for strong political debate in this country without all of the unwarranted and unecessary venomous attacks and name-calling?
I want your wisdom here. Impart some knowledge.
All love to you and yours.
Peace out.
Unkle Rico

JB said...

Wow - OK, where do I even start with this one? Well because it's you, Rico, let's start with cleavage and pot. I think it's unreal that she can do that and lose!!! I mean if I lived there I'd get off a couch if I were a guy and vote for her. It's everything we want!

Seriously though - the problem in politics is that it is all about partisan politics. I am still blown away every time I hear a Republican say, "the Democrats can't protect you - they are too weak and don't care about security." It's the most rediculous thing I have EVER heard. Who in their right mind wants to be attacked again? Who wants to live in a country that is unsafe?? The answer is NO ONE! Not Dems or Repbs alike - it's comedic.

I am also sick of the rhetoric and that's why I do my best to find people that GET IT. You have to fight through some of the BS to get there - but there are people who get it and care and are decent. BUT if there are the others running for office in your state - get out the vote and get rid of these clowns - no matter what party!

The decency part of your note has been going on since Karl Rove has hijacked the Republican party. When the Republican party painted for Dem. Senator from Georgia Max Cleland as "too soft on security," is when they stepped over the line. Here's a man who lost both legs and and arm in Vietnam and he's "too soft." Hey Karl, where were you and all your cronies when he was on the battlefield? It's just gone to a new low - the funny part is that the Democrats at this point aren't even smart enough to be able to retaliate in the right way to counter it. Everytime there's a question and a Democrat gets asked what they stand for, most say, "well, I don't agree with the Republicans." Well - that's great - BUT WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR??? The Democratic party has no leadership and no message and if Hillary runs as I expect in 08 - we are in for a serious setback on the Democratic side of the fence. Which, by the way, may be what the Dem party needs.

Look I am as frustrated, if not more, than you with all this crap. But if we don't get involved and take a stand and talk to our officials, how can this change? We need to try anything we can to help. Where in the world can you question your officials face-to-face and talk to them and then vote them in or out?

As bad as the people are the system itself is still pretty good. Few changes need to be made - but we can help facilitate it in due time.

Does that help my brother from another mother????