Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy, happy .... joy, joy...!!!

Good morning campers! Hope all's well in your neck of the woods.

I'd like to start by saying that we had a great weekend in Atlanta. First off, we had dinner Friday at a friends house. They have five kids and are just wonderful people. Everyone played well but the noise level was just classic. We have met these friends through a Jewish Studies course called the Wexner Heritage Foundation and was started by Leslie Wexner.

Les started this program to educate Jewish leaders and it is a phenomenal opportunity to learn with the best of the best teachers and leaders. Take a second and read about it ... it's worth your time.

Saturday, my wife and I dropped the kids off and went on a day trip to Athens to see the University of Georgia play the Tennessee Volunteers. We had a party bus pick us and 15 others up at 3 pm for a 745 pm kickoff.

Suffice to say that we felt pretty good by the time we got to Athens. We then tailgated and watched the sites and sounds of a college atmosphere. And everything was going perfectly ... until Georgia actually had to play the game.

But even then, for 26 minutes they were rocking. They were up 24-7 with four minutes to go in the half. Tennessee drove the ball and scored with 40 seconds to go to make it a 10 point game. My wife and brother-in-law look at each other and go, "uh-oh." They knew what was to come.

Georgia came out and got the ball in the second half, but held it for a few plays before Joe T III turned it over and Tennessee scored a touchdown. From there it got worse with other turnovers and a blocked punt in the endzone for a touchdown. Final 51-33.

So Georgia was outscored 37-9 in the second half at home for the most points allowed ever in Athens. Glad I could be there for that great night.

Mark Richt, to me, is now the most overrated coach in college football. It used to be Mack Brown, but he won a title finally. Problem with Richt is that he is a nice man and a good recruiter, but he is a horrible game coach. For a guy who was supposed to be an "offensive genius" at Florida State, the only thing offensive is his play-calling. Which of course we can blame the offensive coordinator ... oh wait, that is Richt's job too.

Think it's time for Richt to pick someone who can be his offensive genius - because he isn't it.

I know Michigan State lost, but what else is new. But the big news of the day is the Yankees are gone!!! GOOD FOR YOU TIGERS! Thanks for killing the Evil Empire! It's a beautiful day when all those damn New Yorkers are quieted down. Someone in town last week had a great line, "rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the sun to rise." Well Pinstripers, ya ain't gonna be rising to the top of the pile this year. Figured for a 200 million dollar lineup, you could find a better Game 4 pitcher than Jared Wright. Hey Mr. Cashman, how's that ARod deal workin' out for ya??

Then comes Sunday and of course in the Barkan house ... it's time for the New York Football Giants. We hosted the Washington Redskins... and played good. Eli lead us to a 19-3 win and a 2-2 record heading into their game in front of the city of Atlanta. On top of which I won a bet with a dear friend of mine, Julie, who is a die-hard Redskins fan. Loser had to post a nice note about the other team on their blog ... I WIN!!! Check out Julie's World to read her Ode to the Giants!

I am very excited to have them coming here this Sunday and I cannot wait to go to the Georgia Dome to watch them. First time in my tenure in Atlanta that they are coming to town and I can't wait to watch them up close so I can BOO when we have three false starts!

Did something yesterday that I have never done before, I rooted for the Filth-A-Delphia Eagles. Can't root for a clown like TO. Great fans of Philly welcomed him to town with a chant of "OD OD OD." Those people are funny as hell!

Been a great weekend... got a crazy week before my friend Scott comes to town to see the kids and go to the Giants game with me. Three kids from Fort Lee, N.J. will be together for the first time in a long time in Atlanta to watch the G-Men - with two of us now living here. Who in the heck would have thunk it?

Next thing you know, I'm going to break into the Redneck National Anthem and sing Sweet Home Alabama.

Maybe, but not on Sunday. You can take the boy outta Jersey - but can't take the Jersey out of the boy...

Go Big Blue!

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