Friday, September 29, 2006

Neil Diamond's favorite holiday song...

Hello out there in TV Land! What's new and exciting in your world?

Here in Atlanta, I prepare for the two holiest days on the Jewish calendar; Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur. They are the days to atone for your sins of the previous year and as most of you know, I am still repenting for since from the 1990s.

Thanks to my wonderful faith, you can be a mass-murderer or a simple sinner like me and if you fast for 26 hours once a year, you are clean for the next year. Just like everything else Jews do, it's all wholesale man!!!

Funny part is also - I can guarantee you that every food commercial every made will be on Sunday night and Monday when we cannot eat!!!! Just a fact. Watch and see.

I have always wondered why the Rabbi doesn't do confession and then after listening to everything you did, he gives you an amount of days during the year you need to fast. Most people would be once a month people, but some may be more or less. Be more appropriate than lumping us altogether.

Oh well. Such is life in the big city.

Before I go for the weekend, I have to give a shout out and a HUGE thumbs-up to Mike Valenti of WXYT-1270 in Detroit. He is a Spartan alum and just funny as hell. He had a rant this week after the loss to Notre Dame that is going down as an all-time classic.

Take a listen - laugh a bit and have a great weekend.

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