Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I have been waiting a long, long time and in the NY Daily News on Tuesday, Gary Myers said what I have been thinking about my beloved Giants ... read his column .

If this wasn't enough, I went to the NY Post to read Steve Serby and he agrees with Myers and me. Read his column.

They need to do three simple things to change our franchise into a winner (in this order):

1 - Fire Tom Coughlin!!!!!!!

2 - Hire Scott Pioli from New England as their new GM.

3 - Hire Charlie Weis from Notre Dame as their new head coach.

With those three moves, we head back in the right direction. PLEASE Mr. Mara and Mr. Tisch - PLEASE just do it!! It will cost a couple of bucks - but a few titles will make it back for you!

1 comment:

Anthony said...

Good luck with that.

Why Weiss would want to leave ND to go to that steaming pile of crap is beyond me.

Even he couldn't save Eli anyway. Awesome trade...go Big Blue...haha.