Thursday, August 16, 2007


Where were you 30 years ago today? I was 9-years-old and living in Fort Lee when Elvis Presley passed away on this date in 1977. Matter of fact I think I was in Ms. Haberle's third grade class in School #2.

Hard to believe the King has been gone that long. Imagine if he had lived in the Internet world that we live in? US and People Magazine's would be all over him. he would be the lead on twice a week for sure. BTW - if you haven't been to Graceland, you have to go just once in your life. The Jungle Room is something I will never, ever forget. Something you have to see to believe.

Thirty years later, the hockey world lost a legend as Sam Pollack passed away. Many of you will ask, who was Sam Pollack? He was only the man who built the legendary Montreal Canadiens teams of the 60's and 70's. He built what in my mind, and many others think, was the greatest team ever put together in the 76-77 team. They lost eight times in the regular season and dominated their way to the Stanley Cup title. Pollack was 81.

But the real number I wanted to talk about today was the number 8. No, this isn't because I saw it on Sesame Street (which by the way, a new season started. Whoo hoo!). The reason that 8 is the number of the day is because next year, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will drive something other than the 8 car.

Now, it may be sad that he cannot keep the number his grandfather drove, but NASCAR and anyone who is involved in the merchandising of Junior is going to be laughing themselves all the way to the bank.

Think about how many fans Junior has. Think about how many of them own everything with the number 8 on it. Think about how all of them will buy all of the same things with WHATEVER his new number is. While people may be disappointed and upset because they love and are used to the 8 car being Juniors, the money is about to roll in again.

Now that Budweiser isn't his sponsor - this bodes well for the amount of dollars the new sponsor of the car is going to put into it. For surely, they will get bang for the buck with the new number change as well.

Be amazing to see how much Junior will sell as compared to his old 8 car that will stay with his stepmother Teresa. My guess is that it will blow it out of the water. Hey Teresa, think is was a good move to be that greedy? You will soon enough.

As the King would say, Teresa and DEI will soon be in "Heartbreak Hotel."

30 years and still the King everywhere except in NASCAR where King Richard Petty is still the tops.

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Doug Hill said...

Thirty years ago I was en route from Decatur to Berne, IN, on Highway 27 in my mom's beat-up Rambler when WOWO Radio out of Fort Wayne broke in with the news.

Even as a 10-year-old I knew it was a pretty significant moment. Like when Challenger went down or when 9/11 occurred, it's one of those moments that has the whole time/place thing stamped in my mind.