Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday thoughts...

It comes as no surprise to anyone that Tiger Woods won the PGA Tournament for the fourth time. He has now won 13 majors and is five behind Jack Nicklaus. He finished 2nd in two of the other three majors.

The amazing part is Woody Austin finished in second place only two shots back. Ernie Els had chances to get tied with Tiger at different points, but couldn't make a putt on the back nine.

Best story in sports in ages has to be Rick Ankiel. A few years ago he couldn't find the strike zone as a pitcher for the Cardinals. Now he comes back as an outfielder and has three homers in three games. Good for you, Rick! Persistence pays off.

Anyone want to know why the NHL is still in serious trouble??? The New York Islanders just gave Andy Sutton 3-million per year for 3 years. Just absurd - amazing how much you can get paid for being 6-foot-6.

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