Wednesday, July 05, 2006

38 or 6 to 4

One may wonder why I love Chicago.

The city, not the band.

Even though I love the original band, there's nothing like an afternoon on the North side of town when the Cubs are home.

I went up there with a few friends last week for 40 hours to see the Chicago Cubs play two games. One night game, one day game. For those who haven't been, you have to make this trip if you enjoy baseball in the slightest bit.

I am a Cubs fan - win, lose or draw. This is what baseball is supposed to be. There is no stadium like Wrigley. Fenway is close - but the atmosphere of an afternoon game on a Wednesday when the Cubs are playing poorly is incredible.

There were 40,000 people at the game. Plus there must have been another 15,000 people at Murphy's and the Cubby Bear just to watch the game there. Doesn't anyone work in Chicago?

Actually the hardest workers are the vendors at Wrigley. My one friend, Seth, commented that he hadn't seen that many people working that hard in Atlanta's stadium in 30 years never mind one game. You could have a new beer every 10 seconds - not a bad thought.

The Cubs even happened to split two games for me ... even though Ryan Dumpster shouldn't have blown the first game, but it's what he does.

But it doesn't matter. Cubs fans love Wrigley, the atmosphere and their team. I will keep going back as long as I am alive and I can't wait to take the kids to Wrigley.

I was sitting there, looking at the ivy and I was reflecting about life. Monday will be the start of my 38th year on this planet ... I can't believe it. I don't know what's scarier - the fact that I am 38 or have two kids? Both are mind boggling to many of you as well. But let's not stop there - Saturday will be my sixth anniversary. How is this possible? How does time fly like this?

It seems as if one day I was in high school and the next day I am sitting on the 4th of July holding my kids and watching the fireworks in Atlanta from my parents apartment. I am the same person, only with more white in my hair and beard, right?


I have added pieces to the puzzle as life has gone by. I have made great friends, have made a wonderful family, have changed careers and have kept the core of me the same. Not bad for a kid from Jersey?

Billy Crystal talks about the "One" thing that matters in City Slickers after he found out what it was - but he wouldn't share it with anyone. You had to figure it out for yourself.

It took a while - but I think I got it. Family, friends and even the Cubs makes me smile. Even listening to Chicago the band can, "Make Me Smile."

What does it for you? Stop for a minute this week and ponder how lucky we are. I know I am soapboxing ... but why not? Enough people bitch and moan. If you are one of them - give it up for a day. Find your happy thought and go do someting to make yourself smile.

Consider it a birthday present to me. It's cheaper than the postage of sending a card....


Julie said...

The husband says....

"Dump Dusty, Prior, and Wood and bring my brother back. The fans love him (Two fingers to the sky)

Sonny Sosa"

Uncle Frankie said...


Just think of something pleasant and giving myself a smile

Uncle Frankie said...

Wrigley is fine, but Soldier Field in the Fall is by far the place to be : )

Especially when the Giants are in town!!

Uncle Frankie said...

Let's Go Mets

Hope your at today's game, got wet and watched my Mets kick your ass : )

who luv's yah BUDDY!!!