Sunday, July 16, 2006

Motel, hotel, Holiday Inn.....

OK, admit it. You loved Rapper's Delight from the Sugarhill Gang.

I know I did and still do.. everytime I hear it, I reminisce back to the Rink in Bergenfield, N.J. It was a cheesy a place there was - but I used to have a blast going roller skating.

It's always funny how little things throw you back to your past.

But speaking of the Holiday Inn, I am working on a project right now for a friend for the Holiday Inn. I am working on the Ultimate Baseball Roadtrip - helping blog, PR, etc.

They are out with a contest that the winner gets two tickets to every ball park in the country and hotel in each city as well. How cool would that be to win? Make sure to click on the link and try it out. Also tell your friends and throw a link on your page to it for me as well.

Check out the blog and contest ... it's great stuff. Have a great week.

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