Monday, July 31, 2006

Heat wave in the Midwest

Happy Monday folks - I am sitting in the Crowne Plaza in Minneapolis and it has been hotter here than Atlanta.

Was here for the Holiday Inn Ultimate Road Trip and it was just so freakin' hot outside the Metrodome. Stood there for two days and had a ton of people come by and check us out. Was great to meet all kinds of people. The coolest part is the Big Green Bus. This is the way to travel the country and see baseball.

Actually got to see the Tigers-Twins game on Saturday - we sat in the last row of the upper deck on the 3rd base side. Not great for baseball - but for sure it's good for football. Reminded a few friends of how the Falcons loved the Dome. Didn't go over well here - all responded that Atlanta may like it for football, but not for baseball. Fair enough.

Thankfully - heading home after a promotion at the Holiday Inn Select in Bloomington, which is right next to the Mall of America.

Went there yesterday with the Myers clan and it's cool. I had been there before - but it's just funny as heck that a kid from the mall capital of the world (NJ) is impressed with a mall. It's got a roller coaster, log flume, all kinds of great stuff for kids and shopping as well. But it's just huge. And if you think it's packed when it's cold in the winter, yesterday was jammed so people could cool down.

Anyway - that's it for now. Off to Aspen next week for our Wexner program ... should be a very interest program considering what's going on in the world.

One last thought... I think I know a way to pay off the national debt and the war(s) - let's kick that piece of trash Kofi Annan and his moron friends in the UN out of our country and sell the land on the East River to a developer. Sure it will fetch a great price. Can someone remind Mr. Annan that if they had actually followed up on res 1559 for Hezbollah - this would not be happening. Nevermind the fact that the two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped right next to a UN watching station. WHAT pray tell, are you watching if you let this happen? The UN is useless and antisemetic for sure. If they ever did what they were supposed to do - the world would be a lot better. Instead the only thing better is Kofi's pockets...

Have a great week.


Julie said...

I'm in your home town this week. Sitting in a hotel on Lexington. Shall I give NYC a big shout out from you?

JB said...

Heck yeah! Must be hot there too...

Make sure to buy the kids and yourself some Giants stuff! GOOOOOOO ELI!!!

Julie said...