Monday, July 24, 2006

But for the grace of God go I...

Not sure about y'all (Southern term of endearment I still don't get) - but I can't stop myself from watching the news.

By the way - I hope and pray that all of you are watching ANYTHING other than CNN. The only thing more left of them and the New York Times is a car on the NASCAR circuit in turn three. And we have canceled our subscription to the Times as well. I am sick and tired of seeing dead Arabs on the front page and dead Israelis on page 6 and beyond. Bunch of freakin' clowns. I wrote a letter to the editor ripping them and telling them they should move their offices to Beirut!)

Sorry - where was I? Oh yeah, I wake up and go to sleep watching the Middle East crisis. I don't even know what to call it anymore because it's not a crisis - it's now or never for Israel.

Never before have they had a chance to go do what they are doing with many countries in the world that "dislike them immensely" saying they aren't happy with them - but then quietly cheering their moves.

Israel is doing the world's dirty work. Plain and simple. Why else is the Bush administration being as supportive as they are? They are going after a group of people that are part of the "Axis of Evil."

Evil. There is no better word to describe people that hide behind civilians. There is no word to describe how they hide their rockets and weapons in villages and then when Israelis target that village - they say, "Innocent civilians were killed." Gee - when that's where you put the bad stuff - what did you think was going to happen? But has anyone said that? Has anyone condemned the Hezbollah for killing their brothers and sisters?

You see the pictures of Israelis running for their bomb shelters on a nightly occasion and it's hard not to think back to the 50's and 60's when people here in the U.S. had bomb shelters. Maybe someday soon, we will need them again to protect us from the Islamic fundamentalist walking around right now on U.S. soil.

I remember my first day at Northeastern University - President Kenneth Ryder in his yearly speech to freshman said, "Look to your left. Look to your right. One of those people won't be here in three years." We can change that to say, "Look to your left. Look to your right. One of those people could well be an Islamic Fundamentalist." It's possible, isn't it? You don't actually think our borders are safe, do you? Heck we have more Mexicans living amongst us than live most of Mexico does. If they got in, you don't think others could too?

When will this end? When will these people understand reality? From the looks of things - not for a long, long time. Scary, scary thought for all.

My Aunt Michele is in Israel right now and I think about her and her USYers she is with. I hope and pray for their safe return as well as the safety of all Israelis. The soldiers are fighting for not only their peace - but for our as well. Let's hope they succeed. I am afraid for the free world if they don't.


Tour of '03 said...

Surprised you got no comments on this, Jon. We are on the same page here. Israel is fighting a proxy war for the U.S. against the proxies for Iran and Iraq, and it is a precurosor of the future. It's not unlike the Spanish Civil War the preceded WWII. We face the greatest evil of our time, certainly the greatest evil since the Nazis, and what does the world do? What it always does. Blame the Jews.

The Big Q said...

JB..Q from Paradise here. Great post, I agree completely. Evil exists in this world and one does not have to look far afield to find it. The good people of Israel know this as they face it head on everyday. Not so sure the citizens here realize just how dangerous the world is.