Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Good morning America, how are ya?

"Don't you know me I'm your native son, I'm the train they call The City of New Orleans, I'll be gone five hundred miles when the day is done."

What an incredible night in New Orleans. Friend of mine went to the game and he said it was the wildest scene ever. And he would know wild scenes as well as anyone I know!

As I sat and watched the game, I kept laughing thinking about how a stadium was fixed before tons of homes. How the levees are still not up to category 5 capacity and that if another hurricane came through the Gulf Coast they are no more ready today that yesterday. But hey, they have their Saints back. And for one night, every one was happy.

Every one?

Are they sure? Did they ask every one?

Spike Lee was in the booth for the game and he pretty much stopped short of saying that the government is still blowing it. He had the chance to make his usual statement and blow it all up, but he said, “I am not going to pull a Kanye West tonight.”

Funny, but it was the right time for something to be said and no one said it. How hard can it be to fight a war half way around the world when you can’t win the war in your own home? Just an embarrassment.

I only hope it doesn’t happen again. But we all know something like this will happen again, just a matter of where and when.

And speaking of where and when… where and when will the American’s win the Ryder Cup again?

Not like any American golfers care because hey, we win Majors and are the top two players in the world. Great individual golfers but horrible team golfers.

We have no passion and no fire when it comes to the Ryder Cup. I don’t care if the team are all rookies; they have to have some pride in them? Some swagger and some arrogance to become the great golfers that they are.

On the European side, we can flip the question, when and where will one of them win a Major again? No one on the Ryder Cup team has won a Major since 1999 when Jose-Maria Olazabal won at Augusta.

It’s amazing to me to see Colin Montgomerie and Sergio Garcia become dominant players for three days every two years when they can’t close out a Major to save their lives. Heck, they struggle to get to the fourth round in contention and when they do it, choke city is coming.

Just wild to watch how match play changes players.

And speaking of changes, how about the New York Football Giants this week? Just horrific – I don’t agree with how he said it, but nonetheless I totally agree with Jeremy Shockey that Tom Coughlin has got to go.

He is supposed to be a disciplinarian and that team takes more stupid penalties than I have hair on my head! How is it that you let the exact same thing happen to you two weeks in a row! They didn’t show up until the 3rd quarter, by then the damage was done.

Even if the Giants make the playoffs, Coughlin needs to go. The only coach in America that needs to be fired faster is John L. Smith of Michigan State University.

Three minutes to go in the game with a lead at home and he is throwing the ball???? For those of you who don’t know, the L in his name stands for LOSER!

To all my friends of the Jewish persuasion I would like to wish you and yours L’Shana Tova. A sweet, healthy, happy and safe new year for all of us and our family in Israel.

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