Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Four for the road....

Well kids - the Final Four is in Atlanta. NOT the Frozen Four ... the Final Four. Someday I hope to live long enough to host the Frozen Four here. Be one heck of a party!

Anyway - let's look ahead to April in Atlanta. Who is going to be here?

Well, I have the answers. It's very simple. Instead of Hotlanta - it will be Biglanta with one small exception.

The best three teams I have seen all year play in the same conference: the Big 12. I am taking Texas, Texas A&M and Kansas to get to the big party. The one outsider will be an insider in Atlanta. I may not like em, but I ain't dumb enough to pick against the depth of the Florida Gators. They should roll through the first two weeks of the tournament.

Once they get here, they will have issues with the Kansas Jayhawks and lose a tight semifinal. In the other game, it will be a backyard brawl between two great rivals. Kevin Durant is looking like Danny Manning in his senior year when he carried his team to the finals. Durant will match the effort and set up a fourth meeting of the year between Texas and Kansas.

Now mind you, the real reason I think Texas will be there is because Monday night is Passover and we cannot go to the games. My brother-in-law, the Texas alumni, is going to get himself killed for this one. My cousin, who can care less about the holiday, will go to the game for sure as will many other members of the tribe. But for the fact alone of family controversy - they will be here.

The last two times they have played, the games have gone to overtime. This game may not be any different. I like a tight, hard fought game with the outcome going Rock, Chalk, Go Jayhawk.

And if that happens, I will be winning the cash in the WIE pool for sure! Then I will be banned for life.....

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