Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday, Monday ...

Happy Monday - back from Pittsburgh and boy are my arms tired....

Actually, good to see the family for 24 hours, but that's about my limit these days. My patience with my kids is great, but not so with my family.

Perfect example, I wake up on Saturday and go to meet my grandmother, mom and aunt for breakfast in the hotel - before I even warm the seat, my mom tells me that my shoes are dirty and my grandmother wants to know why no one answer her calls at my house or even calls her. Literally, I stood up and walked out to meet my dad to go get coffee elsewhere.

I know every one's family is nuts, but I will put my Seinfeld/Costanza group up against any of them out there. Mom's reading this and getting ready to kill me - but it's not like dad's group is any better. It is what it is and you are always better with what you know - I agree with that for sure, but I need it in small doses at this point of my life.

Anyway, trip was good - and now time for Final Four week in Hotlanta. It's going to be a mess here with those Gator people. The other teams travel well, but we have Gators everywhere in the area and that ugly orange is going to be all over the city. Let's just hope UCLA puts us out of our misery on Saturday, but I doubt it.

On the college hockey front, we have the Frozen Four set for St. Louis. Odds are the winner of the Boston College - North Dakota game will win it all. But watch out for those Spartys from Michigan State. They can lock it down with the best of them.

What else can I tell you ... was at a birthday party with Abbie at Chuck E Cheese Sunday. What a racket - kids birthday party's are making serious coin these days. Find the right business, you can make serious money.

Baseball season starts next week - wow, where has the time gone. Could this be the year of the Cubs? Tell ya what, when Northeastern wins the NCAA hockey tournament - it might happen.


Julie said...

You don't have to worry about seeing Theisman on Monday night's anymore - he just got sacked.

Jacksonville said...

That was some party Sunday!

JB said...

I know - can't stand Theisman.

What party Jacksonville? Did I miss it again???

jacksonville said...

Chuck E Cheese is the bomb!
I'm planning to have my 6th b-day there too... said...

You are right!
We were always a sitcom.
I loved seeing you and "your dirty shoes"