Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday in Hotlanta

Happy weekend all. Hope y'all good.

Sitting on a Delta flight on my way to Pittsburgh for the night for my cousin's baby naming. Going by myself for the night. Always interesting to be around my family. Sure I will have a story or two next week.

Can't believe Texas A&M and Tennessee both blew games they should have won. Just great opportunities that don't come every day - tough way to go out as seniors.

The happy, happy, joy, joy of the day goes to Tubby Smith. Not that I am happy to see him in the Big 10, but I am ecstatic he told Kentucky goodbye! The guy is a winner, he is class and he deserved to be treated better than those people in the Bluegrass State treated him. Many schools would kill to win like Kentucky did under Tubby. Gophers AD Joel Maturi deserves big time praise in getting Tubby to the Twin Cities.

I guarantee you - Tubby will win in Minny and he will make Kentucky sorry that they treated him like they did. I only hope that the big coaches tell Kentucky no. Maybe there will be justice down the road for the Wildcats - you can always call up the road and see if Rick wants to come back?

Have a great weekend!

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