Monday, November 12, 2007

Does Anyone Care?

Gary Bettman blew it again.

I know, you are all shocked!

Heck, two of you probably looked around and said, "who is Gary Bettman?"

Well the NHL commissioner will be in Toronto tonight to induct what I think is the greatest class into the NHL Hall of Fame tonight.

Four players are inducted tonight and their last names are Francis, Messier, Stevens and MacInnis. Two of the greatest defensemen to ever lace up the skates and the second and fourth leading scorers in league history.


Did anyone know that this was happening tonight? Did you know you could watch it on the NHL Network starting at 7:30 p.m.? Does anyone care? It's an embarrassment that this isn't more of a story that it is.

Heck, it would be even nicer if maybe no games were played tonight so that Messier's teammate for many years, Wayne Gretzky, could be there instead of behind Phoenix's bench. What about the fact that the New Jersey Devils are playing on a night that their former captain and blue line mainstay, Stevens, goes into the Hall.

Just shameful on so many levels. The NY Post's Larry Brooks rips into everyone in his column today.

Great job Larry.

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