Sunday, November 11, 2007

Time To Change The Movie In Big Apple

Sorry been a few days without blogging, but time is hard to find with three kids these days. The only thing harder was watching the NY Giants losing to the Dallas Cowboys, again.

It's bad enough that it's losing to that team - but as most of my loyal followers know, it's tough because with Tom Coughlin as the head coach, the script was written way before they stepped on the field.

The only time I laughed the whole day was when Joe Buck said something on national television that I have said for ages. He said that Coughlin was supposed to be a disciplinarian and that the team he was watching was nowhere near to being disciplined. Was that a 93-yard touchdown return that was called back because of holding? Was that a touchdown run from Brandon Jacobs called back because of holding? Yes and yes. Good discipline Tom.

I know that I am going to read about Eli Manning and how he can't win the big one. Ya know folks, if wunderkind Tony Romo had to play with the line Eli had, let's see how good he is. I am sick and tired about hearing about how Eli isn't good. Maybe if Coughlin's son-in-law offensive lineman and his pals upfront gave the kid time, we might find out.

Now, I know many of you out there in blogland are going to say that the Giants are 6-3 and still have a good shot at the playoffs. Wow - isn't that impressive in a garbage conference? This is not a playoff team and when they play the New England Patriots in December, you will see what I mean.

I am sick of writing, watching and talking about this - but Tom Coughlin MUST GO! This horrible cycle of garbage we watch will not change until he does.

To steal from a sign that flew over Giants Stadium when I was a kid, "Mara, Tisch - how do you sleep at night?" Oh I forget, you have your money from us idiot fans... you sleep quite well.

For the rest of us, we won't sleep well until Coughlin and his band of coaches are gone.

Now that I am over that, for today, how about the Georgia Bulldogs? Makes ya wonder where they would be if they showed up and beat an average Tennessee team?

How impressive is Jimmy Johnson? His Lowes 48 car just won its fourth straight race to all but lock up the NASCAR title for the second straight year.


bobbo said...

please confine your rants to subjects that you actually have some knowledge your airline rants.....i for one am sick and tired of negative people with negative attitudes talking about the ny football giants

JB said...

hey bobbo - no knowledge huh? What was the Giants record after 8 games last year and where did they end up? It's people like you that defend clowns like Coughlin that deserve this crap! Instead of being "sick and tired" give facts of why you think things are heading in the RIGHT direction ... which I am dying to see!

bobbo said...

i guess u you would prefer the ray handley or dan reeves or jim fassel giants, c'mon john this is a good football team that got beat by a better football team.......this aint crap......the jets , now thats crap....say hi to you dad