Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Thoughts - Police Rock Atlanta

Went to see The Police at Philips Arena Saturday night and man were they incredible. For a bunch of guys in their 50s, they had the building hopping.

What was incredible was how great Stewart Copeland was on the drums. Most remember The Police for Sting and how he was the front man. I was reminded of why this band was awesome - Copeland's playing absolutely filled the arena and was the driving force. He has to be one of the best I have seen and heard.

Only thing I was upset with is that they didn't play Murder By Numbers ... but they nailed everything else and closed with Next To You. Just awesome.

Another crazy college football Saturday starting with Michigan's offense being held to 91 yards. Maybe Mike Hart and Chad Henne shouldn't have played as much as they did when neither one of them was up to snuff? Lloyd Carr has a press conference for Monday to announce he is retiring. He's legacy will be tarnished by the fact that he went 1-6 in his last seven versus Ohio State. I had the fortune to meet the man and talk to him and some of his players - he deserves to be recognized for more than that.

OK, I am getting closer to buying into the Flying Mangino's and Kansas. They have to beat Missouri and win the Big 12 title game, but they have set themselves up. Who would have thought when the season started that Kansas-Missouri would be this big? Heck College Gameday is going to be there. Usually basketball with those two - not football.

Oklahoma and Oregon took themselves out of contention this week with losses. I know this may be nuts, but Georgia is now up to seventh in the BCS rankings. If Tennessee loses to Kentucky, they play for the SEC title and have to play LSU. Anything can happen - we have learned that this year, haven't we?

And by the way, think it will be easy for Les Miles to have to answer all these questions about going back to coach his alma mater in Ann Arbor? There's no question he is gone - but man, this is going to be a wild month of questions for him.

Speaking of which - Michigan State won its seventh game in Mark Dantonio's first season. They could have beaten Michigan and Wisconsin as well. Great coaching job by Dantonio - can't wait to see what he can do when he gets his own guys in place.

Marty Brodeur won his 500th NHL game. Only Patrick Roy is ahead of him with 551 win. Two incredible goalies that have played a long time and Brodeur has done it with so many different guys in front of him that play incredible defense. But as good as his defense has been, he has been that much better.

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