Thursday, November 22, 2007

Takes One To Know One

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Was going to take the day off, but then I was reading the game story from last night's Thrashers-Caps game.

The Thrashers dominated the game and check out these three paragraphs from the

"Fire Hanlon," they chanted in unison, frustrated with the losses piling up
under coach Glen Hanlon.

From the perspective of Thrashers captain Bobby Holik, the Capitals
played like they agreed with the crowd.

"They played like they wanted to get their coach fired, but that's
another story," Holik said.

Oh my god, did Holik say that??? The same guy who is the captain of the team that quit on his coach and got him fired this season as well? Is this not just classic????

By the way, the Capitals did fire Hanlon this morning, but is Holik kidding me?

The Thrashers are now 11-4 since they fired Bob Hartley. So the question is this - were they that bad before? And if they did play to get their coach fired, can season ticket holders get their money back for the first games of the year when players who are paid VERY WELL to do their jobs, played like crap so they can get what they want??

When you want to know why the world is turned upside down remember, the most important people in the world, our children’s teachers, get paid horribly. While these whiny, spoiled athletes get rich off of us and then act like children when they don’t like their coaches.

And by the way, if Don Waddell wants to continue winning, I would trade Kari Lehtonen as soon as he gets healthy for a top line center or a power-play quarterback of a defensemen.

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