Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The new era begins

For those of you buried in the snow, I am soooo sorry. NOT!

Ya know you can move South where it rarely snows and people are friendly. But if you do that, then I may have to move again to get away from all those Damn Yankees!

OK - so last night I was about to have dinner with the family when I sat in the home office to go through some things. Right before standing up to go eat, I checked ESPN.com and saw one of the greatest things these eyes have ever seen.

"Luke Petitgout cut by the New York Giants."

All I could do was smile. I was in total shock. Jerry Reese has done more in one day than Ernie Accorsi did in years for Giants fans. Now all he needs to do is fire Tom Coughlin and we are set!

I stood up and walked in the kitchen with a huge smile on my face. Wife looks at me and asks why the smile? I tell her the happy news and she looks at me and laughs. She is happy because she doesn't have to listen to me complain about 77 anymore taking false start or holding penalties.

Ralph Vacchiano talks about the Giant Purge in the NY Daily News.

Anna Nicole Smith is still dead - can't this story just go away! I don't care about her sleeping with some politician in the Bahamas or anywhere else for that matter. BTW - anyone think that kid of hers is going to need therapy?

For those of you hockey fans, BU beat BC in overtime of the Beanpot last night. In true Huskies fashion I was rooting for the roof to fall in ... KIDDING! Northeastern beat Harvard in the consolation game. I will go on record by saying I will see Northeastern win at least one more Beanpot in my lifetime.

Anyone watch 24? I was about to give up on it before the season started, but man have they got me back in with a passion! It's a must see even though you know that Keifer Sutherland gets in tough situations all the time and still can't die because he's the star. Great twists this season so far and I know there are more to come.

Going to the Circus this weekend with Abbie and some of her friends. Should be a blast ... I will give details on Monday.


Doug Hill said...

Re: 24 I started watching the beginning of Season 2, caught up with Season 1 that summer, and have been enraptured ever since.

Like you JB I feel the twists this year have been terrific.

Why do I think President Logan is behind the Wayne Palmer assasination attempt?

Stay warm.

JB said...

Corn - I am with you and so think you are right on with Logan! Can't wait to see it play out!

Julie said...

Shut it about the snow! It's a freaking frozen tundra up here. Thankfully vacationing soon in FL!

I LOVE 24. Poor Curtis though this year. And Jack's father, could he be anymore evil?