Monday, February 05, 2007

Validation wasn't needed, but it doesn't suck....

While watching last night through the pouring rain, I could only laugh thinking about Peyton Manning walking out for the game and looking up at the sky and saying, "got any locusts to add to the flood?"

One of the greatest passers in NFL history when it's all said and done, period. Many folks questioned Peyton and whether he really was that good. After last night does anyone have any more questions? He is on track at this point of his career to break all the records, he's won two MVP's and now a Super Bowl and a Super Bowl MVP. Mark Chappell from the Indianapolis Star puts the conversation to bed.

Now, he wasn't the best player(s) on the field last night, but he was the most valuable. He is a great leader and a team player. Listen to him after the game and tell me he wasn't humble and thankful? Peter King of sums up Manning very well in his Monday Morning Quarterback.

What about Marvin Harrison? What about Tony Dungy? Tell me you'd rather have guys like TO who is all about me?

Last night wasn't about validation of one man, it was the validation of the team. Tony Dungy was validated as one of the great coaches of the last twenty years. Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star talks about Dungy's victory being a milestone for Dungy more than anyone else.

And the one person that NO ONE has talked about being validated is general manager Bill Polian. The same Bill Polian who built the Buffalo Bills teams that couldn't get over the hump. He finally gets his due in building his second great organization and finally getting his ring.

The two best moves he made? Bringing in Adam Vinitieri. Most points ever in a playoff run this year and the best clutch kicker EVER. If he is NOT a first ballot Hall of Famer, then I don't know a kicker that is. The other move was letting Edgerrin James leave via free agency and bringing in Joseph Addai via the draft. How do you think Edgerrin felt last night watching the running game dominate the Super Bowl? Who would have thunk it possible?'s John Clayton talks about the rookie and how he made a difference right away.

FYI - the last four teams to lose the coin toss have won the Super Bowl.

You can rip Rex Grossman all you want, but where was his defense last night? How many times did they have a chance to get the Colts off the field and failed to do so. The Bears had a great season and nothing should be taken away, but this team needed Trent Dilfer last night and got Tony Eason. Jay Marriotti of the Chicago Sun-Times talks about how the "Bad" Rex showed up and it's not what the Bears needed.

How would you have felt if you paid $2,000 and up for a ticket and sat in the rain all night? Heck Prince even sang Purple Rain last night... theme night in Miami.

In nine Super Bowl's in Miami, it's the first time it has even rained. What are the odds of that? Seems like it rains there every day for 30 minutes.

BTW - the Hall of Fame voting in the NFL is a joke. If Art Monk isn't a Hall of Famer, then I don't know why they have this place in Canton. On top of which, this secret society crap about not telling anyone what was said in the room is cowardly. If you had any guts voters, you would tell the public why people do or don't get in. This is one part of the NFL that needs to change, sooner rather than later!

The one thing I take away from last night, other than Atlanta should be able to get the Super Bowl again (it won't rain in the Georgia Dome!), is that I was happy to see a Manning win a Super Bowl. The New York Daily News even caught up with Archie Manning who thinks watching last night was good for Eli. Watching, that's what Eli is going to do until he gets a new coach!!!

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