Friday, February 02, 2007


Here it is, Friday before the big game and everyone is making their picks.

Why should I be different? I have an opinion, I think? Maybe I should ask my family what I think, they might know better.

Nah. I know this one. It's easy to pick this game.

For the last few years, the Colts have been the favorite and they have blown it. Well this time they won't. It's their time and Peyton has been average at best so far throughout this playoff run. His time comes on Sunday in the Florida sunset. Tony Dungy has spent many years in the NFL as a head coach and has never won the big one. He's endured professional and family issues over the years to finally get his due.

The one curveball for me is that the game is on grass, not turf. Hurts the Colts speed, but they will pull out a 34-30 win. So if you are going to bet the game, take the points and the Bears. I know it's not easy to bet on Rex Grossman coming through, but he's got a solid running game and defense. I just think that destiny on the side of the guys who wear the horseshoe on the helmet.

I know the folks in Baltimore are rooting hard for the Bears and I appreciate and understand it. Seeing an Irsay lift a Lombardi Trophy makes many ill, but it's not about them this weekend.

All I hope is that the game lives up to the hype and that we get some good commercials.

Enjoy the weekend and the game.

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