Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getting older, wiser

OK - so I went back to walk at Chastain Park this morning and they did it again. All of these people say good morning ... haven't even had my coffee and I have to talk to them. Crazy.

Anyway, as I was walking I realized that today is the 26th anniversary of my bar mitzvah. Which means I am getting old, but it made me laugh to think about what a pain in the butt I was back then. I was 13 and I knew it all - all of course except my parsha for my bar mitzvah. As I was walking, some of it came back to me. I remembered the opening lines and laughed that all these years later I actually remembered something.

I am leaving for Israel in 11 days and I am very excited to go back. For those of you who read my blog, I will be writing daily from Israel and I promise not to go to crazy on the soapbox. I know I have a tendency to do it in these kinds of situations, but I will fight the urge as best I can.

It has been eight years since I have been there and it was six months after the loss of dear friend Brian Fishman and I was a bit emotional. It's funny, but I was thinking about Brian yesterday and I got emotional again thinking about going back to Israel because it was one of the places we spoke of going to. It's been eight years since his passing and I still smile and think about him often. I miss him and wish he were here.

OK - so I have set the table for a solid 12 days of blogging from the homeland. Make sure to share them with people. Have a great day.

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