Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy Monday

Hope ya had a good weekend. All good in Barkan household, but hey give me time to mess it up.

Went swimming with the kids yesterday and it was just fun hanging with them. Abbie and I played croquet - someone gave her a kids set for her birthday. Was classic.

So weekend news and notes - LeBron is going to the NBA Finals. No one should be rooting for him more than David Stern. If the Spurs win, the MVP should be Stern and the league for the Suns series. Just a joke.

Chris Pronger got suspended from game four for an elbow to the head of Dean McAmmond. Call was close - but fine, suspend him. The last time the league did so, the Ducks won and they will do it again tonight. Jean-Sebastien Giguere won't have two bad games in a row and he will win the game for the Ducks, 3-1.

Yanks took two out of three from the Red Sox and still look no better. Roger Clemens may look good in the pinstripes, but he cannot help the problems this team has. Hey, does anyone remember the April A-Rod had? It was good, but not as good as the blond he was with in Toronto that everyone is speaking of now.

So Billy Donovan wants to go back to Florida? Gee what a shock. What is wrong with these power hungry moron college coaches that think more money will make they happy? Donovan has a great gig and can call his own shots at UF. The Magic are an OK team - but they will never be his. They will always be Dwight Howard's team and if Donovan goes there, when they win it won't be because of Billy, but if they lose it will be.

Story of the day - the Yankees could get out of the Roger Clemens deal if they want to. Might be worth saving the money at this point George.... or maybe you can deal him to Houston for Roy Oswalt. NOT!

Has anyone decided who they are voting for in the 08 Presidential election? If you have, how and why have you chosen that person? I keep looking and watching and wondering

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