Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why NASCAR is so smart

So Dale Earnhardt Jr. wants his number 8 to come with him when he changes teams next season. Sounds good right? His new employer Rick Hendrick was going to offer his old employer and his stepmom Teresa money to buy the number. Heck, Hendrick was going to trade his number 25 to them for the 8 and money. Not bad - no issues right?


NASCAR told the Charlotte Observer that numbers aren't for sale and belong to NASCAR not the driver or owner.

Wow. All I can say is brilliant. Totally brilliant.

Why you may ask do I say that? Why is it so important that NASCAR has this on the books as a law and why it's important.

Simple ... let me steal the line from Jerry Maguire and Cuba Gooding, Jr., "Show me the money!"

Does anyone have a clue how many fans Dale Jr. has? Does anyone have a clue how many of those folks already own EVERYTHING with the number 8 on it? Heck folks even have tattoos of the 8.

So imagine when Dale Jr. gets his new number. Think any of those people will spend money to buy his new stuff? Heck yeah. And by the way, does NASCAR get any of that money? You betcha.

When the release the new number, color and car sponsor - the money will just fly in and NASCAR knows this and that's what this law has been on the books for a while.

Not bad for a bunch of "good ol' boys."

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