Friday, May 11, 2007

Dumb and Dumber

The sad part is I am not talking about a movie in my headline. I am talking about Pacman Jones and Michael Vick.

Comes out that the night before Pacman went to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, he met with some NFL players that told him he needed to get his stuff straight and fly in formation. After that meeting, Pacman went to a New York City strip club. Usually, I wouldn't give a flip about it, but in the circumstances we are talking about, this guy is a clown!

And then there's the guy that wears No. 7 and plays for the Atlanta Falcons. Forget the fact of the dog stuff - here's my question, why not put the house in someone else's name? I am sure the commish will be on the phone and get a close up-and-personal with Vick soon. Hey Bobby Petrino, bet the Louisville job looks pretty good right now, huh? Should have talk to your predecessors before taking the job. Arthur Blank sold you a bill of goods that start and end with this guy as your franchise quarterback. Right now, I bet you would settle for a serviceable quarterback that stays out of trouble. And one last thing Coach Petrino, maybe you would feel better if Matt Schaub was still your backup instead of Joey Harrington. But hey, Joey is a GREAT piano player.

Here's my issue with all of it, has no one shared the Mike Tyson story with them? Do they not have ONE PERSON with a sense of intelligence in their ear telling them that if they don't get it together they will wake up in their 40s and broke? But hey, I am sure all of the hangers-on will still be around if you guys don't have money.....NOT!!!

Please boys - just cut the garbage out! You are getting paid millions to play a game. It is not your "God given right" to play in the NFL it is a privilege. One that the commish will take away forever if you continue down the path's you are on now.

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