Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Observations on the Opener

Had some time to think about the opening game of the Stanley Cup finals and I have to tell you that I feel good in my original assessment of five games.

First off - I am sick and tired about the layoff talk. Both teams sat for five days ... and Ottawa had nine total days off and they still scored the first goal. The reason they were tired at the end of the game was because the Ducks beat them silly physically. Ottawa hasn't played a team as strong as Anaheim and it showed last night.

That being said, can someone tell me why Ryan Getzlaf looked puzzled on his cross checking penalty? He hit Mike Comrie SIX times in the back with no call and then on the seventh one a penalty gets called. Hey Ryan - be thankful you are a good player otherwise they would have gotten you on the second one.

Wade Redden was a minus-3 last night. He's not used to the physical style in front of the net that is typical in the West.

One thing to watch and I have noticed this all throughout the playoffs - Scott Niedermayer isn't right. Either he is really hurt and fighting through it or he is getting old. He's gotten caught for a lot of penalties because he isn't using his feet and not skating the way he used to or can. So as great as he is, he's a step behind. Watch him and you will see what I mean.

How ironic is it that Buffalo's Ryan Miller is in the stands to watch his brother Drew play in his first Stanley Cup final game. Drew had played two minutes all season and on his first shift causes the turnover that resulted in the Ducks first goal. Just a solid effort from a kid no one expected to be playing.

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