Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Things to do in Orlando's airport

Been busy the last couple of days - sorry for the missed updates.

Monday we had the Davis Academy golf tournament, which I have co-chaired for the last five years and running. For those who don't know, the school is a reform Jewish day school in Atlanta that my in-laws started. Abbie just got accepted and will be starting there next year.

We had a great day - gorgeous weather and everything went really, really well. Doubled our auction dollars and it's just awesome. I think we raised over 10K more than we thought we would do and if I told you what we raise for a day school - you'd be blown away.

So after the golf - took off to Orlando and shot our first video cast with the Red Lobster chefs. This is going to be a great project and more importantly a successful one. When it goes live, you will get the first peek. We will rock the web with Michael LaDuke and Darryl Mickler - by the time we get rolling on this, they will have their own show... I am telling you, these guys rock!

Funny part is that they share their test kitchen with the Olive Garden folks and they kept looking at what was going on and wondering why they didn't get to do this? For the folks on the OG team that read this space - don't worry - I have ideas to incorporate them into what we are already doing....

So - I got my work done and I try to hit the airport to get outta here early. I call AirTran and they tell me to go standby - should be no issue. Check out of the hotel, drop the car and go to check in and it's a mob scene. The lady at the counter says, "every flight until the 4:41 you are already on are oversold." By now, y'all know I was about to go postal - but the damage was done.

There was some band/cheer leading thing at Disney and the airport is swamped with high school kids. Someone needs to teach these kids how to dress - or maybe to actually dress. Girls wear little to nothing and the boys look is with the shorts hanging out. It better change before my kids get to that point.

Positive thing is that they airport in Orlando is nice. Went and got a massage, had a little lunch, bought stuff for the kids and now doing some stuff on the free wi-fi they give you here. Still have 2:41 minutes to go till my flight, but what can I do? As if Delta would have been better?

Okie dokie - that's a wrap for now.... back to normal tomorrow at home.

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