Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday ramblings...

Happy, happy, joy, joy.... hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Great hockey going on - are any of you watching? Does anyone care?? Buffalo cannot catch a break and are down 2-0 heading back to Ottawa. I think they are going to steal one tonight and make this a series.

Heading back to the left coast tied at one game a piece, the Anaheim Ducks look solid. They are throwing the body and getting to Dominek Hasek. Still trying to figure out why Hasek got away with throwing his stick in the first period as one of the Ducks came in on a breakaway. I am also trying to figure out how Rob Schick is calling games this late in the year. He's a hack. Still thinking this series is going seven - if the Ducks can hold serve at home, might only go six. Still great hockey that has got to be watched.

Lefty played great at the Players - but man, how sick does Sean O'Hair feel? Everyone is talking about 17 and it was a mess, but if the kid makes the putt on 16 and gets within one of Phil - does he go for the pin on 17? The putt was the key - O'Hair even said afterwards that if he makes it, he goes for the center of the green on 17. Should have done that anyway ... but you have to love the kid for going for it. It was only 700K he gave back... no biggie.

Best Sopranos of the year last night. It's finally getting good - three to go.

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