Monday, May 07, 2007

Roger gets Yanked from Texas

Morning all - hope weekend was good for y'all. Obviously it was good for Roger Clemens and his family. The funny part is that people are shocked by this.

First - it's the Yankees, this is what they do. Did you really think George Steinbrenner wasn't going to spend the money?

This year's squad are as overpaid and horrific a pitching staff as we have seen. They can't decide whether they want old guys or young guys ... and now because of injuries it's a mix. How can you not go spend the money to go get the greatest pitcher in the last 30 years? Plus, most of it the Yankees had set aside when they dumped Randy Johnson back to the Diamondbacks.

Second - Clemens is an ego manic who is ALL about the money. Don't sell this any other way to me. The Red Sox offered him 10 million and the Astros offered 11 million to him according to ESPN's Buster Olney. If he really wanted to stay home, 11 million ain't chump change. If he wanted to close out his legacy and really go out in style he would have gone to Boston. He went to New York because of the money, period.

Don't try and sell me that this team has a better chance to win the World Series than the Red Sox. It doesn't. You can say whatever you want about the batting order, even with Clemens, they are shaky in the pitching department. Their best pitchers are older than me and the young guys are really young. The bullpen is already exhausted and it's not like Clemens is going nine innings every time out.

Wasn't it great the way he announced it and how all those knuckleheads in the Bronx are buying into this? It's unreal how every paper in NY, Boston and Houston (as well as everyone else) has covered this too. Mike Lupica says that it's "business as usual in the Bronx." Gordon Edes in the Boston Globe quotes Curt Schilling in his column saying that, "we don't need him." The Houston Chronicle article quotes Astros owner Drayton McLain saying, "we can't live with this uncertainty year after year." But the best is Dan Shaughnessy's column in the Boston Globe - basically saying that this year for the Sox just got a heck of lot more interesting.

They are all correct. The question is at the end of the day, is it money well spent? I say it's not and actually nothing would make me happier than to see Clemens and the Yankees not make the playoffs. For years both sides have pulled this garbage - I am over it and I cannot wait to see Clemens go to Boston and get shelled.

Not only from the Red Sox lineup, but from the fans that he has totally insulted, mistreated and ignored for many, many years. Hey Rog, when you go into the Hall of Fame, go in as a Yankee ... after all, you are one of them for sure.

On the other side of the New York, the Rangers gave it everything they had but the Buffalo Sabres are just a better team. The Eastern Conference finals will be a war between Buffalo and Ottawa. The two teams had a brawl earlier in the year with Ottawa goalie Ray Emery getting into it with forward Andrew Peters. These teams don't like each other and it will be great up and down the ice hockey. SI's Richard Deitsch says, Sens, Sabres bring real venom to East finals.

Had Abbie's ballet recital yesterday - was absolutely the funniest thing I have seen. Her class was good - but not totally focused ... to be expected. But there was a 3-year-old class that was all over the joint. Kids staring into space and just dancing and smiling. It was very, very cute.

The first of many of these that I am sure I will be attending...

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