Saturday, October 06, 2007

Boy Oh Boy...

Talk about turning my world upside down.... what do you do with one of these boy things? I only have girls and I know how to deal with them, have to figure this out .... but man is it cool.

Abbie came to the hospital yesterday and held her brother - it was great, she was in heaven. However, when I called to tell her about Benjamin yesterday (she was the first call for the record) she screamed when she heard it was a boy and dropped the phone. Once she calmed down, all was well, but man was that funny.

Everyone is doing well. Sorry haven't had time to download pics... left my camera cord at home. Odds are we will be home tomorrow with Benjamin. If I get a chance later, I will shoot some pics on the blog. We should be home in time for Benji to watch his first Giants-Jets game. Ya know Papa Neil will be in heaven for that one.

Got to see the bugs in Cleveland and another big win. Plus who doesn't love Manny?? Only down side is that Lou Pinella cost the Cubs the series by yanking Carlos Zambrano after 85 pitches. Hey Lou - win one before worrying about the fourth game.

Now I have a boy to share all of this craziness with... just wild.

Speaking of which, here is the laugh of the day ... at Northside Hospital, which is known as the baby factory, because they deliver more babies than anywhere else in the country. Anyway, we were looking for the Soap Network to watch Beverly Hills 90210 reruns, and they don't have the Soap Network on here. CSpan and all sports channels but no Soap Network in a place called the Women's Center. Is it me or does that make no sense? I mean if they don't watch the Soap Network here, where will they?

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