Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October is Rocktober in baseball

What a great way to start the baseball postseason.

I actually stayed up and watched Trevor Hoffman implode in Denver. The all-time leader in saved after the game did the right thing and took the blame for the loss. If you haven't seen the video of him post game, see it and see how a true professional handles himself in a tough, tough situation for sure.

Darn shame that most of the Mets didn't do that after their collapse. Willie Randolph didn't throw his players under the bus and David Wright said it start in the clubhouse. Problem is that all of them should take the hit and suck it up.

Got a great email from the Mets.com that they sent to all their fans:

Dear Mets Fan: All of us at the Mets are bitterly disappointed in failing to achieve our collective goal of building upon last year's success. We did not meet our organization's expectations -- or yours. Everyone at Shea feels the same range of emotions as you -- our loyal fans -- and we know we have let you down. We wanted to thank you for your record-breaking support of our team this year. Equally important, Ownership will continue its commitment in providing the resources necessary to field a championship team. Omar will be meeting with Ownership shortly to present his plan on addressing our shortcomings so that we can achieve our goal of winning championships in 2008 and beyond. You deserve better results. Many thanks again for your record-breaking support.

Omar is meeting with ownership to present his plan? Seriously? Can you present a plan for not blowing a seven game lead with 17? And if he had it why didn't he share it with the team WHILE it was going through it?

Should be a solid postseason. Never one to lack picking winners ... I like the Indians and Red Sox in the AL and the Cubs and Phils in the NL.

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