Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here We Go Again

OK, so the Giants are 4-2. Big deal. I don't understand why everyone is getting all happy and excited? Didn't we do this same thing last season?

Look, I like Eli and I like the things going on with the team at this point. That being said, let's see what happens come the end of the year. If we pull another losing streak into the playoffs and lose the first game, it's NOT good enough. Sorry.

We need to take care of business and keep getting better. And while it's nice to beat the Atlanta's and Miami's of the league - it's not a big feat. We are supposed to beat those teams. When will we beat the better teams in the league to prove we belong? If not, then this is all smoke and mirrors again.

Tim Smith of the NY Daily News writes about how the Giants must learn from last year as well.

So 6-2 at the break would be nice, but it ain't real yet.

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