Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lessons Learned Again

So, here's the question of the day for Lou Pinella: how many pitches will Carlos Zambrano throw today in Game 4?

Answer - ZERO!!!!!

When you are in a five game series, you do as Herman Edwards once told us, "you play to win the game!"

Say whatever you want about how great the Cubs bullpen had been - if you top starter can't throw 100 pitches in game one of a series and come back on three days rest - isn't there an issue???

Arizona is a good, young team - heck Micah Owens didn't even pitch yet.....and he's maybe their best pinch hitter off the bench as well.

I think that the Colorado Rockies are going to beat the Diamondbacks in six games, they are just on fire.

Another great week of college football - just insane games. LSU is now the unanimous top dog and Cal looks like a solid two, everything else is up in the air.

Did Tennessee just score again on Georgia???? Or was that Northwestern lighting up Michigan State again??? Nice defense, both of you.

John David Booty isn't as good as his predecessors. Showed it last night against Stanford. Hey Cal - the Big Game just got bigger with that win.

The big question in Atlanta is when will Bob Hartley be fired? The Thrash are 0-2 and didn't look good against Tampa Bay last night. If I am a betting man, I put the over under at 12 games. Don Waddell can't let this get too far out of hand. Plus now that Dany Heatley's contract is done, makes getting Marian Hossa deal
a tad more interesting.

And speaking of interesting, we are taking Benjamin home today. Fun, fun, fun at the Barkan house!

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Julie said...

At least the Redskins won!!!