Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dodger Blue A Grand Idea

The Los Angeles Dodgers could be heading down a path to bring Joe Torre to Chavez Ravine.

The ironic part is that he would replace Grady Little, who had a good season last year at 88-74, but who was managing the Red Sox when Aaron Boone hit the homer to send the Yankees to the World Series in 03. He was fired and then the Red Sox won the World Series the next season. LA Times Columnist Bill Plaschke says it's fine to go after Torre, just wrong to do this to Little.

I will say this much, should the Dodgers be bold enough to make this move, they might as well clean house and fire GM Ned Coletti and bring in Walt Jocketty to run the club.

Teaming Jocketty and Torre will bring the Dodgers to the elite part of the National League quickly and keep them there often.

Supposedly Don Mattingly would be Torre's bench coach in LA - imagine how weird he will look in that uniform. Only way it would be better is if they got to the World Series and beat the Yankees.

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