Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Day In Blueland

I am sitting at home and watching the Atlanta Thrashers first game without Bob Hartley and they are up 3-0 halfway through the game on the New York Rangers.

Two thoughts as I watch this - first and foremost, these players are actually playing the game they are being paid to play tonight. The look like a real hockey team, one that we haven't seen for the first few weeks of this season. The only thing they haven't done is fight. Where have you guys been? You are supposed to be professionals, aren't you? You played to get the coach fired, you accomplished it. Now play like the way you are for the rest of the season and maybe, just maybe you can get back in it.

While things look good, Kari Lehtonen reinjured his groin. There was great video from the SportsSouth broadcast of trainer Craig Brewer telling Don Waddell on the bench about the injury. Waddell rolls his eyes in the back of his head in total disbelief ... but he has seen this song before with his first goaltender Damian Rhodes.

The second thought is this, how come everyone but Don Waddell knew that Bob Hartley should have been fired when they were swept out of the playoffs? It was so obvious to everyone that watched this team except the guy who put it together. On top of which, you need to see the press conference where Waddell talks about the firing and how he believes this year's team is better than last years. And he said it with a straight face! Just classic.

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