Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Open Letter To George

Dear Mr. Steinbrenner,

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Trust me, it hurts us more than it hurts you because we wanted to see the Red Sox beat you.

But the real reason I am writing you is to beg you to follow through on your promise and fire Joe Torre.

Obviously he is the reason your pitching is horrible. It's his fault that you spent some absurd money on Carl Pavano (by the way, how's that working for you?). It's also his fault that the highest paid man in baseball can't hit in the clutch in the playoffs. Was that Paul Byrd that beat you last night??? Could have had him for a smidge less and he's healthy.

So absolutely fire him and keep Brian Cashman. Seriously, he's a great general manager. Heck with that payroll, I think many of us can do the same thing he has done without Torre.

And by the way, when you fire Torre, say goodbye to all the free agents that were interested in the Yanks. Also bid farewell to a bunch of your own guys who are now on the open market.

I am sure you can get a good manager to take Torre's place. What's Stump Merril up to these days???

You may read Mike Lupica's column in today's N.Y. Daily News that the magic is gone from Torre's Yankees and that's fine, but seriously, is it really HIS fault?

Thanks again from a grateful (Red Sox) nation for your absolute stupidity and arrogance. It helps us sleep very well.

Be well and enjoy Tampa and your little boats or whatever you do.


P.S. - Love you Tribe!!!!

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