Thursday, October 18, 2007

Joe Says No To Yankees

In one of the greatest sports days in a long, long time ... Joe Torre finally told the class bully to kiss his butt! Torre has turned down a one year deal for $5 million dollars.

As is customarily - Torre gets one of my favorite lines.... "GOOD FOR HIM!!!!!"

This guy has been one of the best, if not the best, managers in baseball for the last 12 years and the Yankees have screwed with him for the last time. I am willing to bet that he is more upset about the terms of the contract than the money. Rumor is that they wanted him to fire some coaches, including pitching coach Ron Guidry

The problem sounds familiar to what is happening with the Atlanta Thrashers, except Torre has won. His teams have made the playoffs for over a decade. It is NOT his fault that Carl Pavano was signed to a boatload of money and never panned out. It is not his fault ARod couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat come October. If Torre goes, then GM Brian Cashman should be right next to him. Mind you, I don't think either one should be fired, but you cannot do one without the other.

This now makes two great baseball men sitting out there for an organization to grab in GM Walt Jocketty and now Torre. Could they meet somewhere to work to build a winner? Would be fun to watch them build something together.

The irony is that 30 years ago tonight, Reginald Martinez Jackson swung three times and hit three home runs versus the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the 77 World Series. Man, I know I am getting old when I can remember these kinds of things like they were yesterday. May take the Yankees 30 years to get back to glory like this now that Torre is gone.

Question now is, who else will follow Joe out the door? Don Mattingly is staying quiet, but he will be the front runner for the job. Good luck Donnie Baseball - a tad hotter in the top seat on the bench.

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