Monday, January 01, 2007

2000 and heaven for Jets fans...

Hope everyone had a healthy, safe and happy start to the New Year.

Couple of quick New Year's hits on this holiday:

Congrats to all of the Gang Green Jet fans - who would have bet that this team would have made the playoffs this year? Just crazy. The Man-Genius is pretty good and Steve Serby thinks this is only the beginning. By the way, in ten years we will look back on last year's draft and see that DeBrickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold were two of the best picks EVER for this franchise.

With the Giants in the playoffs - you would think I would be happy. However, this just give the Giants a chance to keep their coach. And most of you know how I feel about him. What's ever worse is that I am going to guarantee a victory over the Eagles. Why would I do that? Why would I think this team has a chance to win? Easy - it has NOTHING to do with football and everything to do with Murphy's Law.

The second weekend in January, we have a bat-mizvah in Savannah for my wife's cousin. SO, I know that the game would be in the middle of the ceremony or party or something. Most of you who know me, know that I will be in the doghouse because if it follows suit, I will be watching the game somewhere.

So PLEASE Andy Reid - have your team ready and blow us out. Save my marriage and fire my coach at the same time.

On the happy note of the Giants world - Tiki Barber is supposed to sign a $10 million - four year deal with ABC News/ESPN. Best week of the year last week and he's still leaving on his terms. Good for you Tiki! Good for you!

Look for Alabama to sign Nick Saban to a huge deal by the end of the week. My guess is 10 years - $45-50 million. He always wanted to be a pro head coach - but I think he has realized that it's not all that's it's cracked up to be. Plus I think he learned a big lesson when he picked Dante Culpepper instead of Drew Brees. Go back to college and recruiting Nick - it's what you are good at.

By the way, now that Denny Green is fired in Arizona, look for Pete Carroll to give the NFL one last chance. If anyone knows Carroll personally, please call him and tell him to stay. Start with the Saban analogy and then look at Steve Spurrier. I know it looks good on paper with a new building in the desert Pete - but I have two words for you: Bidwell family. Enough said.

Denny - you are who we thought you were. A bad NFL coach, but a great video clip waiting to happen.

Hey Jim Mora - nice having you in Atlanta. Good luck on your next coaching job. By the way, tell your dad he was right, Vick is a coach killer. So far two for two. But he does sell a lot of jersey's and he puts butts in seats for Arthur Blank. The AJC's Jeff Schultz sums up the players bad effort to save their coach.

Speaking of which, Mr. Blank please stay in your box until the game is over. Why on earth would you be speaking to your coach during a game? Last time I checked, you built a winner in Home Depot, not in the NFL. Until you do, stay up in the box, please.

Also why didn't Rich McKay announce the firing instead of Blank? Anyone wondering why McKay isn't on the hot seat? Mora was his coach and John Abraham for a first round pick? Hey Jets - steal of the century!

Bill Cowher please stay. Great job having your team ready to win a game for pride! Will miss you on the sidelines. Class act. How about coaching the Falcons? Maybe you can kick Vick's butt into shape. Just a pipedream ... I know.

If Brett Favre decides to retire, what a way to go. And take Rex Grossman with you, please. Could you imagine Favre on that Bears team... probably be undefeated.

Mike Shanahan felt like garbage after the loss at home in overtime to San Francisco kept him out of the playoffs. I can't even fathom what must be going through his head with the loss of Darrent Williams. Just sickening.

Talk about interesting playoff note to watch - Colts defense cannot stop the run and the Chiefs Larry Johnson is the league's 2nd best running back. Colts haven't lost at home this year. This should be good.

My Super Bowl pick is easy, as in the Big Easy of New Orleans versus Marty ball of the San Diego Chargers. Even Marty cannot screw this one up, could he?

YouTube have any full length video's of Saddam's hanging yet? Will check tomorrow - you know someone will put it up there.

Happy happy joy joy to you and yours.

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