Friday, January 05, 2007

Playoff predictions

With the NFL starting its playoffs this weekend. Hard for me not to jump in and give you my picks for the weekend.

On Saturday, the Colts win because they will be the last team with the ball. The Seahawks win because it's a long way to go to win a playoff game, those fans in Seattle rock and Shawn Alexander is still not horrible.

On Sunday, the teacher shows the student he hasn't lost anything as the Patriots will beat the Jets. Game will be close for a while though.

The last game of the week is the one I am dreading. Giants - Eagles. I can live to be a thousand and still every time I hear those words, my first thought is Pisarchik and Herman Edwards. UGH! This time around, I think the Eagles load the box to stop Tiki Barber and make Eli Manning win the game. Can he do it? Sure. Will he do it? Odds aren't good. Everyone thinks he's overrated. Everyone is ripping him. Problem is that the defense hasn't been any better than he has. So between those two factions and wanting Tom Coughlin gone, the Giants will find a way to win this game. Final score - Giants 27 Eagles 23.

Gosh I hope I am wrong ... as much as I love my team. I don't want to think about where in Savannah I am going to watch the Bears-Giants game.

USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt is the one you need to read if you are a gambling soul.

Also - Monday night - Gators vs. Buckeyes. Finally, the main course. Only been one good appetizer in the Fiesta Bowl. I don't see this game being a good one either. Keep hearing that Florida is good and that they are fast. I have watched Florida play. They were lucky to beat Tennessee, Georgia, and Arkansas. Chris Leak is just average at best and to me is not a great leader. Troy Smith is a great leader with so many weapons to choose from and by the way, they are pretty fast as well.

The bottom line in my pick is that I am not going to bet against a guy who has won a National title as well as a few Division I-AA titles in Jim Tressel.

Ohio State 38, Florida 21.

When this happens, can all of these people in the SEC finally give another conference credit? Doubt it.

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