Monday, January 08, 2007

The waiting is the hardest part....

Some of the best teachers we will ever have in life are our music teachers. No, I am not speaking of Harry T. Welte of Fort Lee High School (although I really liked him). I am speaking of the guys on our IPods. The artists we grew up and still listen to.

For instance, Professor Thomas Petty said it best for how most Giants fans feel after the playoff loss to the Eagles, "the waiting is that hardest part."

The waiting he speaks of, in this case, is the firing of Tom Coughlin. I know many of you are shocked to hear that I don't think he's a good coach. It's not like I ever mention it in my blogs.

I sat and watched the game yesterday torn. I am a true Giants fan and live and die with them. Been that way a long time and it's a "Hard Habit to Break" (Chicago - one of those numbered albums). But I wore my white Eli jersey and sat in the basement and watched.

First drive - Giants march right down the field and scored. The next three drives - the Giants started on the Philly 49, their own 48 and the Philly 46. The result of those drives? Two three and outs and a five and out. End of the first quarter - 7-0 GMen.

The game was over right then and there. I don't care about anything else that happened. Our defense was stellar and the offense had three great chances and didn't capitalize on any of them. Score three points on one of those drives and David Akers kick is to tie the game, not win it.

Tiki Barber had a great game and did everything he could to continue his career, but how torn could he have been? He was playing to save Coughlin's job and he knew it. He was a true professional and left it all on the field - despite their differences. Thanks Tiki - good night, good luck and Good Morning America.

Look at Jeremy Shockey. He couldn't walk and he was out there killing himself. He has ripped this staff early and often. But he has heart. Now if he can keep his mouth shut...

Eli Manning has been ripped for the last two months, but no one and I mean no one can say anything bad about him for this game. He stood in the pocket and played well enough to win this game. Imagine (John Lennon) if he had his injured left tackle healthy? Sorry Luke Petitgout, we missed you. But you still take too many dumb penalties.

Yesterday (The Beatles) was about the heart and soul of the players on this team. It had absolutely NOTHING to do with the coach and his staff.

How many more undisciplined penalties did they take again? It's the playoffs, don't you think we can stop the false starts by now?

There's one way to stop all the madness and John Mara knows it.

"I'll have something to say during the week, but not right now," Mara said as he exited the locker room after the Giants' 23-20 loss to the Eagles. "Do you think you can wait that long?"

We have waited long enough to hear the words. While we have waited, the Falcons got Bobby Petrino and others are looking for coaches as well.

As the Little River Band told us, it's time for a "Cool Change."

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