Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Last straw

I am 38 years young and for my whole life I have been Giants blue. It's something you are born into and it's passed on from generation to generation. Up in New York, you are either a Giants or Jets fan. There is no one that is a fan of both, just not real.

Today, I am going to do something that I NEVER EVER thought I would do. I am renouncing my Giants loyalty. Why today? Very simply put - Tom Coughlin was given an extension on his contract.

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"He has a vision and he understands how that vision can now move forward," co-owner Jonathan Tisch said during a conference call to announce Coughlin's one-year contract extension. "He did not have to save his job. He did not have to talk us into anything."

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Tisch and Mr. Mara - you father's are rolling over in their graves thanks to your stupidity! What the hell have you watched for the last three months, because obviously it's not the same thing everyone else in the world saw.

The owners didn't ask Coughlin to make any changes and they said they were satisfied he was the right man to lead the Giants.

Coughlin has no control over this team. He has no clue in how to develop a young quarterback. And he has no idea how to win a big game. He is a clown! I think it's great to go 2-6 in your last eight games and then lose a playoff game and get an extension??? This is an embarrassment!

"Tom Coughlin is our coach for 2007 and hopefully for many years after that," Mara said. "That is the final decision."

Final decision??? Fine. I have a final decision as well. The Giants ownership has made me do something I never thought I would do. I am now green and now a fan of the New York Jets! I would become a Falcons fan - but it doesn't have the same impact.

I have ordered a Nick Mangold jersey and I am going to take a picture of myself in it and send it to the Giants ownership with a note letting them know how they have lost a lifelong fan. Might even get one for Abbie. Have to teach her now about Broadway Joe Willie, Joe Klecko and the Sack Exchange.

I am just sick right now. I can't even begin to express my outrage with these morons! Any thoughts on how to make myself clear to the Giants management are welcomed.

They are coming to town next year again - maybe we can have a ticket burning here in town!


Anonymous said...

You'll be back

Anonymous said...

This renouncement by JB is about as believable as Nick Saban saying he is not going to coach at Alabama.

Anonymous said...

If you're a true fan, you stand by your team regardless of ownership decisions and you know it! Jeez man, you claim to also be a Cubs fan right? They hired and fired, signed and let go how many boys in pinstripes and you didn't disavowed them! And they NEVER win.

At least the G-Men have, right? This was a BS move by you JB! Your father is likely going to disvow you!

JB said...

If you are going to be anonymous - then you have no clout with me...state your name clowns!!!

Then I will answer accordingly!

Mr. Cooney said...

Oh no you don't bastard. You don't get off that easy.
Let me take you on a litle history journey of your devout worship for your beloved Giants.
Remember the kicked off bumper after Herm Edwards broke your heart?
You didn't abandon the Giants then so no need pulling the chute now.
You can't renounce a team that gave you Parcells and not one but two Super Bowls.
You're just letting your emotions get the best of you right now.
Go outside, breath some Georgia air, eat a peach and think about what you're doing.
After all you've been through with the Giants, the fact that every time you see Herm Edwards on the screen now you don't destroy your TV is proof enough that you can't jump ship now.
So what, you don't like Coughlin.
Guess what, this to will pass.
You want something to bitch about?
Try being a Lions fan.
That's right, I said it. A LIONS FAN.
If I can endure Matt Millen (three straight wide receivers as No. 1 picks, Are you F-in kiddin' me), you surely can suck it up for another year of Coughlin.
So you had a tough year. So what.
Injuries, a young quarterback, blah, blah, blah. So what. At least you have some semblance of a future and can celebrate the past.
What do I have? Probably another wide receiver quoted to me and my fellow-suffering fans as 'the best athlete available.'
As a Lions fan. I have nothing but I'm still there. Defending the Honolulu Blue and Silver until I'm yes, blue in the face.
And how 'bout the Rangers and the Cubs
(Hey, there's a pattern here. If the team wears blue, JB is in the house.)
You didn't give up on NYR and their Stanley Cup drought, you haven't dumped the Cubs yet despite their long-standing romance with futility, and you're not disavowing your love for the Giants.
Sure, they've broken your heart but again I remind you. I'm a Lions fan.
If I can suck it up, you surely can bite the bullet.
And who knows, Coughlin might get the boys turned around.
Besides, whether you're willing to admit it, maybe Peyton's baby bro just isn't good enough.
So take a deep breath, dig that receipt out of the garbage for the Nick Mangold jersey and take it back to Dick's Sporting Goods and put your pictures of L.T., Phil Simms, Mark Bavaro and Harry Carson back up on the wall.
People like you just don't dump their team. And do you know why, because their's history there.
You don't spit on history. You count your blessings and move on.
So suck it up big boy and I'll see you at the Meadowlands, shirtless and filled full of overpriced beer.
'cause because no matter how bad you feel or you think you got it, you could still be ... A LIONS FAN.

JB said...

People get divorced and separated all the time. I am in the separation stage right now and if they want to DATE again ... they will get rid of this guy.
I agree with your Lions theory, but I would rather have Matt Millen than this guy! Does that explain how I hate him"???