Friday, January 05, 2007

Classic video of a former top NHL pick

Most of you know that I used to work for the Atlanta Thrashers.

I was on the staff before we had any players. We spent a year searching for the best players for our inaugural draft in 1999.

We had the first pick and chose, from the Long Beach Ice Dogs of the International Hockey League, Patrik Stefan. Nice enough guy but was prone to concussions and just not a great player.

Well, this past summer, general manager Don Waddell traded Stefan to the Dallas Stars for Niko Kapanen. The funny part is that Les Jackson, who is now the assistant general manager with the Stars, was in the same role with us when we pick Stefan. So he should have known better.

He has only played in 28 games this season and has scored four goals and five assists. His best game, of course, was against the Thrashers when he scored and had two assists in Atlanta for a 5-3 Stars win.

Well last night in Edmonton, Stefan had another classic moment. Luckily for him, his team made up for it. You HAVE to watch this video to see it. Have a great weekend!

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