Monday, January 22, 2007

Back in the saddle

Good to be back in Atlanta. Great trip to Austin, once I got there. Going to be a lot of great things coming from the Digital Media group of GCI. So keep your eyes and ears here to see the latest from Paul Walker and the gang.

Quick shots from the weekend.

Good for Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith - but is it me is anyone else scared that we still speak of this as a milestone moment in 2007? Sad that it took this long.

Anyone else see Peyton Manning with his head down as Tom Brady was about to lead the Patriots to a winning drive? Glad to see him win, but this time, it wouldn't have been his fault.

Reggie Bush pointing to the Bears as he ran by all of them on the way to the end zone was just "Bush" league. Rookie mistake that pissed the Bears defense off. Not saying it was what woke them up, but it didn't help. Nonetheless, a great season for the Saints.

FYI - Abbie forgave me for missing Dad's day at school and her teacher is letting me come by this Friday! Happy happy joy joy!

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