Monday, January 29, 2007

Comparisons and talk

Over the next week, you will hear a comment from everyone in the world on the Super Bowl.

It's the biggest game in the world and everyone knows what they are talking about. Just ask anyone on the street and they will tell you. Odds are they will talk of Peyton or Rex and odds are they think they know what they speak of. But they are spouting off ... the question is which player is going to do or say the dumbest thing this week.

There's always one guy willing to do something dumb on the biggest game of their lives. Twice before when the game was in Miami major incidents have occurred. Stanley Wilson of the Bengals and Eugene Robinson became famous for off the field incidents and both teams lost the game.

So keep an eye for which team has the incident and bet on the other.

As far as comparisons - we keep hearing about Tiger and Roger Federer. Two great champions, but one great problem. This is not a conversation worth having, YET.

Tiger has dominated all over the world. If there's a golf course, he has conquered it. He is the best everywhere, every day, every way, period.

Federer has NEVER won the French Open. He's as dominant a tennis player as we have seen, but to be considered the best of the best, don't you have to win on all surfaces to be considered the best?? Pete Sampras never won the French, but is considered ONE of the best, which right now Federer is. But until he can win on the red clay of Roland Garros, the conversation isn't fair.

Tiger is the best we have ever seen. Conversation over.

The NHL All-Star game was seen on Versus last week in less than a half a million homes. American Idol killed it in the ratings. Why would the NHL put the game on a Wednesday night when there was NO FOOTBALL at all this past weekend??

Commissioner Gary Bettman needs to call ESPN and beg to be back where the NHL belongs with Barry Melrose. How many times can the NHL screw things up and survive?


Anonymous said...

Only one problem with your premise on watching the bad boy behavior in Miami to predict a winner, the Bengals covered when they lost Stanley Wilson. So, your angle is only 1-1 against the spread.

JB said...

spread??? Do you think 20 years from now the Bengals will look down on their fingers and see the ring for covering the spread??? NO ONE will care about finishing second - only winning.

Anonymous said...

But you did say that when betting you should watch that angle. I don't believe that many people make bets on the day of the Super Bowl straight up on the moneyline, especially with a 7-pt spread, as there is for this game.

JB said...

first off - this anonymous crap has to go - who is you Fuzzy Britches?

Second - I still think I would take 7 and the Bears...

Anonymous said...

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