Thursday, January 25, 2007

Till daddy takes the T-Bird away...

Sorry I have been a bit remiss in blogging the last few days. The whole house has had the stomach flu and it's been rough. We're on the mend and back to a relatively normal household, for us anyway.

For those not old enough to remember, here's a classic of the 85 Bears doing the Super Bowl Shuffle. I know that my boy Berman in Chi-town thinks that this is his year ... and it might, but right now, it's fair to say that Rex Grossman is the second worst quarterback EVER to play in the big game. Only Miami's David Woodley was a bigger farce. In my mind, even Vince Ferragamo (not of the shoes, but of the Rams) was better than Rex. What a sad, sad statement.

And I know he's going to yell at me and tell me that the Giants lost to them and that they are still playing. Best I can say is, "good for you and your team Francis!!" But I still hope that Peyton kicks their ass.

Here's my hot topic of the day - and please let me know if you feel the same way - I think it's great that two great coaches happen to be facing off in the Super Bowl. I think it's great that they are the first black coaches to coach in a Super Bowl. BUT I think it's sad that NO ONE is talking about that it's 2007 and we are talking about this as a huge barrier breaker for black coaches. It's a farce.

There are 119 Division I-A jobs and there are only six black coaches. SIX? What the heck is that? Is that equality? Tell me there aren't more qualified black men to coach before you bring the retreads back again.

Don't get me wrong - I am very happy for Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy. There aren't two better men to represent the cause than them. I am just disappointed that we are in 2007 and we are a long way from when Dr. Martin Luther King "Had A Dream" and these two class acts have to answer this question of being a black coach. Just sad.

Mark Whicker of the Orange County Register wrote a great piece on this subject.

Anyone notice in the State of the Union how Bush and Cheney drank water at the exact same time? Very strange.

Is it time for pitchers and catchers yet?

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