Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hell freezes over? No, but Dallas/Austin sure has...

Howdy ho all. I am blogging from the Admirals Club at beautiful Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. I am trying to make it to Austin for meetings with our Digital Media team from GCI Group. I have made it further than the rest of the team at this point. People are stuck in New York and Chicago from this snow/ice storm hitting the area.

My flight on American was cancelled at 7:55 to Dallas - but Delta had an 8 am that I was able to get on. Sorta funny - one flight can get out and the other can't? Anyway - flying in was fine - Dallas looks very serene and pretty in snow. Problem is they don't have the proper equipment (like Atlanta) to deal with it. So the airport is jammed with people being stranded. The Admirals Club is 3/4 full and no one is going postal yet.

Have a 2:50 p.m. American flight to Austin, which has been dealing with ice storms for the last day. You'll like this one, they ran out of the de-icing fluid at Bergstrom Airport in Austin. Who would think they would need a ton of it, but don't you think every airport in this day and age should have a supply of it to last at least 72 hours? This way you are covered for a storm blowing through town without shutting your doors? Then again, I never knew that it snowed in Texas. Wonder if this is part of global warming wackiness or El Nino? Either way - it's not like it's the first time I have been stuck. Just the first time in Dallas. On the positive side, I can always stay with my friends in Fort Worth, the Diamonds. Already called and booked a room just in case.

The part that is killing me about all of this is that we have moved our meetings back to Thursday and Friday. Usually, wouldn't be an issue. I brought enough clothes because I knew better - PLUS I didn't check a bag. Getting wiser in my old age. What is killing me is that Abbie has a dad's day at her school on Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. She was sooooooo excited about showing me everything in her room and seeing her friends. We talked about it in detail last night before going to bed. I tucked her in and gave her a kiss and she said, "I'll see you Friday. I can't wait to take you to school with me." Uggghhhh!!! Can a dad feel worse than disappointing his little girl?

Such is life, I guess. But as a kid whose dad travelled a ton and still made it back to most if not all of my games and special things, it just drives me insane.

OK - enough lament. What else can I tell you?

I can tell you that I am rooting for a Indianapolis-New Orleans Super Bowl. Wouldn't it be interesting to see Peyton finally make the big game to play his childhood and hometown team? I never like to bet against Bill Belichik - but man, if this isn't the Colts year, it never will be. Peyton will get the monkey off of his back with his best game of the playoffs and best game ever versus New England.

I think I am still in pain from watching the hit Reggie Bush took on the second play of the game.

I don't care how anyone spins it, Marty Schottenheimer is to blame for the San Diego loss. The Chargers blew two time outs in the second half that they could have used on that last drive. Plus the mistakes and fumbles come from not being prepared, period. Didn't Earnest Byner fumble on the goal line against Denver? Marty's teams just aren't playoff successes. If the Chargers want to go to the next level, it's time to find their next coach.

How bad are things with the Oakland Raiders? So bad that the team with the first pick in this year's draft can't even get Denny Green to interview for the job. Man that tells me everything I need to know. Randy Moss and Al Davis - no one wants to work with either.

Everyone keeps talking about the Democrats first 100 days. Have they done anything yet? Will they do anything at all during that time except to let us know about it?

Watched the first two nights of 24. Just when I was ready to give up on the show, they find a way to get me hooked again. If you haven't started watching - go get the first seasons and catch up. Keifer Sutherland is the man and Jack Bauer is like a bad penny - always showing up!

Muhammad Ali turns 65 today. Great story from Phil Taylor of Ali is still the greatest.

FYI - from the past post - the only team I would put on the ice with the Canadiens of 78-79 are the Edmonton Oilers of 84-85.


Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful Dad and Abbie will understand.Have a safe and successful trip.

Julie said...

Bauer Power! Jack rocks! A tad unbelievable though don't you think?