Thursday, January 11, 2007

Taking a sabbatical

OK - I have had time to breathe and recover from yesterday. Only problem is that I haven't recovered. I am still angry.

And while some Detroit Lions fans have reminded me that my life is still better than theirs, I am sorry but I'd rather have Matt Millen than THAT coach.... I no longer can say his name outloud without getting sick.

This is just like a marriage. Right now, we are going through some trust issues and I don't trust the Giants to be there for me. I am very angry and will not discuss it with them until they take care of firing THAT coach.

Now the Giants may have an excuse of, "There are no better coaches out there," but this is a total farce. If they wanted Bill Cowher, go get him. Don't give me this crap about we have the right guy. THAT coach isn't right and he isn't a good coach. You have to read Paul Schwartz of the NY Post - sums it up perfectly.

So - for the time being I am a Jet. From your first cigarette to your last dying day, when your a jet you're a jet...

Not that I still don't LOVE my team - but we are going through therapy right now to work out our issues. Period.

If you don't understand, I am sorry you don't understand my passion for the Giants. This was one that pushed me over the edge.

My picture of me in my Mangold jersey will be online as soon as I get it. I will be sending it to the Mara/Tisch families with a note explaining my position.

Knowing them, they will throw it away like they did my committment to them.

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