Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chewed up and spit out

Pretty much how the Buckeyes felt after Florida stomped them. All credit to the Gators and all the blame to Jim Tressel. Have no idea what the game plan was for OSU, but if it's broke, have to fix it.

Just like the BCS - anyone think about the fact that if Urban Meyer didn't whine and moan his way into a title shot, we would have never known how good Florida is. So something still needs to be done with that.

I will give Florida fans their due - still don't like the Gators, but they deserved the win something awful. If you are a Gator and talk to me, you better do one thing and one thing only - give Ron Zook credit. If you do that, we can have a nice talk and I will respect you. He is the one that built this team and Urban should buy him a car, dinners, vacations - whatever he wants. He set the table for the success Urban has. The title helps recruiting and Zook helped there too.

So for you folks in Chicago, maybe there's hope at Illinois. Who can follow Zook there?

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